Ontario Prospect Challenge TOP 100 Profile: Veltri hopes to excel in football future

Today CFC features Ontario Prospect Challenge participant Michael Veltri.Michael is one of 600 players who will be participating in the TOP 100 CAMPS in April.

Position: Defensive Back

Height/Weight: 5’11″/175 lbs

School Status as of September 2013: Grade 10

Current Team(s): Burlington Stampeders

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is well underway and so far some of Ontario’s brightest football stars have taken on the challenge. There is still plenty of opportunity to come try out to be a part of OPC’s Top 100 and play in the East vs. West All-Star game this April.

Michael Veltri is one among hundreds that have come to show off their skills in front of great coaches and trainers. Since starting his football career nine years ago, Veltri has been a force to be reckoned with. When asked what his football goals were, Veltri replied, “to excel in high school and eventually go to the next level of the CIS”.

Veltri decided to participate in the OPC in order to “see how I compete against other players in Ontario”.

Tryouts (Phase 1) for the Ontario Prospect Challenge completed in 2013.  April TOP 100 Camps & May Game has been scheduled.

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