OT Shoebottom: “The part I like most about my position is protecting our quarterback”

Connor Shoebottom plays in the trenches and enjoys fending off defenders so that the most important player on the field can produce.

“The part I like most about my position is protecting our quarterback, knowing when I play my position well the quarterback can successfully complete his job,” Connor said.

He feels that his speed gives him an edge in football because players of his stature don’t always possess that ability.

Connor has been grinding for five years, which has seen him play for Clarke Road and in the LMFA. One of his achievements was making the TVDSB All-Star team.

A career highlight for Connor was when his team made a comeback in a Semi-final game at Citywide.

There is an NFL team who has a style of play that he admires.

“I model my playing type after the Green Bay Packers offensive line and their ability to give Aaron Rodgers so much time while in the pocket,” he said.

His high school starts the recruitment process in Grade 13 as he is returning for another year of school to further his development, so there isn’t much to report yet. However, Connor’s top 3 school choices would be Windsor, Waterloo and Calgary. He was also invited to come to Waterloo for an unofficial visit.

“I really like how each individual school has a developing football program and I feel I would be a key asset to the program they have developed,” Connor said.

When he enters university football, his main goal is “to have a starting position on the football team within the first year.” And he believes the move to the next level will come naturally to him.

“I think I will have a smooth transition into the CIS from the TVRAA,” he said. “Throughout the off-season I will continue to train and work on my skills, along with doing specialty camps for my position on the field.”

As for important figures in his life, his parents, coaches and trainer have helped mold him into the player he is now.

“The most influential people in my football career so far would have to be my parents for all of the support they’ve shown me during the season and off-season, my coaches at Clarke Road for the commitment they have shown me over the last four years and finally my trainer Steve at Powerhouse Training Systems for helping prepare me physically for the next level,” Connor said.

His future plans for school include taking Kinesiology and then focusing on sports medicine.

When asked what football meant to him, Connor said, “Football means everything to me, and having the ability to play at the next level is something I am looking forward to.”


Connor Shoebottom
Offensive/Defensive tackle, Returner
6’1, 235lbs

Teams: Clarke Road Trojans, LMFA
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Windsor, Waterloo, Calgary, Open
Class: 2017

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