QB Canada Ottawa-Gatineau: Huzaifah Rana Interview

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Since he began his gridiron journey with the Orleans Bengals of the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA), Huzaifah Rana has been committed to excelling at the quarterback position.

“I love football,” expressed Rana.  “I find it very fun and exciting.”

“When I was a kid I would use socks and roll them into a ball and throw them as far as I could. I guess I’ve always wanted to be a quarterback.”

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During the past seven years within the Bengals organization, the 5’6, 120 pound quarterback has enjoyed being the leader of the offensive unit for a couple of key reasons.

“I get to be part of a team and help lead the offence,” explained Rana.  “I like it when the rest of team either says “job well done Zee” or when things don’t go my way, and they say “don’t worry Zee, next time”.”

“I feel like my offence really looks out for me and I want to do whatever I can to help us win.”

Rana has studied and emulated his playing style to a couple of professional pivots – Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) and Travis Lulay (BC Lions).

“I like to watch how they play and run the offence,” added Rana.  “Both of them are for sure stars in my eyes.”

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This spring will be an action packed one for the Bengals quarterback.  Recently, Rana learned that he will participate this May in the Ontario Prospect Challenge as a member of Team East.

Moreover, Rana will also take part in QB Canada Clinic in Ottawa-Gatineau on April 11th.  He is excited to have the opportunity to take part in a prestigious event.

“I hope to first of all have a great time, meet new friends and hopefully have a chance to take what I have learned so far about being a quarterback and continue to improve my talent on the field,” said the Bengals pivot of QB Canada.

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In his quest for continual gridiron success, Rana has his sights set on achieving a couple of key goals during his career and believes that QB Canada will get him one step further to accomplishing those feats.

“At the professional level, I’d love to win the Grey Cup and maybe even the Super Bowl,” offered Rana.  “Until then, I want to improve my skills and have my talent recognised as a Canadian player.”

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