QB Logan McDonald sees mass improvements in senior year

Logan McDonald has always seen himself as an athlete from a young age, but it took until high school for him to get involved with the game of football. When he decided it was time to start playing football in his freshman year, it was easy to see why he decided that the quarterback position was the one for him.

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“I played lots of sports from a very young age and had watched football on TV all the time and always knew I wanted to play once I got into high school. Football means so much to me because it is one of my biggest passions. Throughout high school it was something that I could always look forward to. It is a sport that has built my character, given me many valuable traits and crafted me into the person I am today.”

In ten games for the Robert Bateman Timberwolves, Logan threw for 2035 yards with a 64% completion percentage and 24 touchdowns. It hasn’t just been all about the statistics for Logan though. His senior year brought out the best in him, where he was playing with a lot of his good friends who all had a championship goal in mind. They were able to play as underdogs in their 2018 playoff run but fell just short in the championship game. Regardless, of the result, Logan knows that it was a season of football that he’ll never forget with his closest friends.

Throughout Logan’s four high school seasons, he was lucky enough to have his Dad as one of his coaches and thanked him for his help in development.

“My dad, who is also one of my high school coaches, has been very significant in my development. He played growing up and we have always watched football on TV since I was young. He has taught me so much about the strategy of the game and is a big reason why one of my biggest strengths is the X’s and O’s of football.”

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There are many things that Logan likes about being a quarterback, but the one that sticks out to him the most is having control over how the offence functions.

“Quarterbacks are often described as a field general which I love because one of my favourite things about being a quarterback is leading my team down the field for a touchdown. Football is like a chess match and always trying to be one step ahead of the defence is a main role as a quarterback. Also, In the nail-biting moments all eyes are always on me which keeps the fate of the game in my hands. Some people shy away from pressure, but I think in those moments is when a player’s true talents are shown.”

Logan is still looking for a fit that’s right for him at the next level. He wants to combine his football skills with a school that is also academically driven and there’s little doubt that he’ll be able to accomplish this.

Logan McDonald (#10)

Position: QB

Team: Robert Bateman Timberwolves

Ht/Wt: 6’0″/170 lbs

Class: 2019

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