QB Wilton driven to succeed

A throw into the end zone for the future has promise.

Ben Wilton has the experience of leading a team on a field to success and with that comes a strong and wise young man who has the ability to see his future on and off the field.

Previously playing with the Spruce Grove Cougars and the Parkland Predators established his strength in his throwing arm and then moving onto the Spruce Grove Composite High School Panthers only solidified his ability to lead. Ben was awarded in Grade 10 and 11 the Male Athlete of the year for his performance on the field and in the locker room. Providing the best type of support for the team when he is needed to motivate and pull the best emotion out of his teammates. With his accolades not ending there, Ben also received the Academic Team Award and a place on the Honour Roll for the last two years, showing the achievement isn’t only what happens on the field and or the locker room.

Being taught, understood, and having the football knowledge passed down in his Grade 11 year from the seniors on the team last season was something that Ben valued greatly. The lessons they taught him and provided was something that Ben felt he needed to assist the new players this year. It’s all about passing the knowledge and support down the chain, so that in the years to come, there is always a team and not an individual.

Ben Wilton

None of this wisdom that Ben carries with him could be there if it wasn’t for the amazing support and influences that surround him. “Parents always encourage me to always do my best both academically and athletically.” Ben says. Their support is always ongoing for this young man with a great future in front of him. However, the graciousness doesn’t end there, “As well as Rob Killen (basketball coach & social teacher) due to his continuing support and life lessons.” And to keep going, Ben accredits Brent Korte for the football wisdom, “Having the opportunity to learn and allow me to grow as a player and expand my knowledge for football.” Showing that Ben has all the right people in his court and the great support to succeed is with him.

For the future that lays ahead of Ben, there haven’t been any official offers as of this moment, but there has been many opportunities for talks. There have been some chats with Universities and causal talks with some NCAA schools and even some connections to junior teams. But none of these ‘just chats’ have put a damper on anything as he is looking forward for the future connections and firming up his postsecondary schools career. Although Ben would love to play football as long as he can, he realizes not to place all his hopes on one catch. Ben would love to take Kinesiology in university and would eventually like to break out into either Chiropractic or Physio Therapy.

Ben’s training is consists of personal training with Brad Daymen at Elite Athlete Training System. The regiment is a west side barbell method, squat, bench, deadlift, box jumps just to name a few. But Ben feels the biggest part of the his training is, “working with players and coaches to prefect our system as a team.” This just shows that this young man’s leadership as a quarterback and as a student is about the team as a whole.

“Driven to succeed both academically and athletically, and always putting my best self forward.” Ben Wilton. With his goals for on and off the field, the success Ben can achieve is remarkable.

Ben Wilton
5’10, 160lbs

Teams: Spruce Grove Cougars SGMFA, Parkland Predators Midget CDMFA, Spruce Grove Composite High School Panthers ASAA
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: None
Class: 2017

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