QB Yanchuk a consummate winner (VIDEO)

Raiders standout open to all considerations

Holy Rosary Raiders quarterback Tommy Yanchuk is already reaping the benefits of his hard work.

Tommy Yanchuk

Quarterback, Punter/Kicker

6’1, 195 lbs

Holy Rosary Raiders (high school: ASAA)
Lloydminister Red Dogs
Lloydminister Mustangs


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Tommy Yanchuk 1 2017

Tommy Yanchuk first stepped onto the gridiron at a very early age (11). Throughout that time, Yanchuk has played multiple positions from offensive linemen, to fullback and even as a special team specialist until he finally found his true position as a quarterback, which he currently plays for the Holy Rosary Raiders.

“My current high school team is the Holy Rosary Raiders in Lloydminster, my midget team (Spring league) the Red Dogs where we just finished our 2016 season 7-0. Also, my bantam team was the Mustangs, and we captured a Championship in my last year.”

The 6’1 quarterback has found plenty of success on the gridiron winning multiple individual awards as well as experiencing plenty of team success.

“I have won the Red Dogs 2016 Team MVP, Mustangs Offensive MVP as well as being recognized as a high school league All-Star.”

Although it is difficult to narrow down one specific highlight as the most significant, the class of 2017 graduate recalls winning the league with a back-to-back 7-0 record during league play as perhaps the most rewarding.

Yanchuk gives credit to numerous individuals in his life for playing an integral role in advancing his football career.

“I would definitely have to say my parents, they support me through everything I ever need and are always my biggest fans! Also my coaches from Red Dogs and my High school team Holy Rosary! All my coaches have been huge factors for my success and pure understanding and of the game of football. Also my mentors Colton Hippe currently playing his 4th year for the Edmonton WildCats and Karl Teldetski who I backed up in my rookie year (2014) and my trainer Chad Brooks who is always got us in tip top shape!”

As for future plans, Yanchuk is still weighing his options.

“As of right now I’m not 100 percent sure where I would like to attend university,” Yanchuk acknowledged. “I’m going to look into every school that I’m in contact with and see what school best fits my future, style of play and that has a good environmental science program since that would be the profession I am thinking I want to do!”

Yanchuk has stressed the importance of receiving a post secondary education and hopes to use his athletic prowess as a catalyst to propel his academic pursuits as well.

“My future plans are to graduate high school and see where my football road will take me. I’d like to enter into environmental science and go to university maybe out of high school or possibly take a year off and be a personal trainer for my first year out of school and play a year or 2 of junior football.

Although the high school season is months away, Yanchuk has been working diligently to make improvements to his game for the upcoming season.

“I’m currently training with a few boys from my high school team. We have been going almost a year and a half. Our trainer is Chad Brooks and he takes us through a lot of speed and agility work while hitting the heavy weights hard for muscle mass and strength.”

“I’d like to improve my speed and agility as well as my mobile movements in the pocket, escaping the blitz and throwing on the run. I’d also like to study the game a little bit closer and improve my field vision and being able to read the defence better and know what coverage their trying to send or blitz or stunts their defenses are trying to send at me.”

As the recruiting process progresses, Yanchuk is beginning to reap the benefits of his hard work.

“The recruiting process has been great, it’s awesome to talk with such knowledgeable coaches about football and getting to know them! it’s been pretty surreal to talk about the future of football when I used to dream about these opportunities last year!“

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