Rams bolster defense, add 2 lineman

Rams add two local commits to their 2019 class.

Defensive linemen Andrew Doidge from Lumsden High School and Michal Clow from Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School are ready to make their aspirations a reality after signing with the University of Regina Rams.

Andrew Doidge

Andrew Doidge, the wait is over. “It has been my dream since atom football to play with the Rams,” Doidge said. “The university is close to home, great coaching staff and academic support within the football program. I (also) already know some of the players on the team.”

Courtesy of Andrew Doidge.

Doidge, who is from Lumsden, Saskatchewan, added that he has been coached by Coach Nesbitt and Head Coach Bryce while on the Selects teams. “I really look up to Rams’ defensive line coach, Nesbitt. He really knows how to utilize my skills,” he said.

Doidge has been playing tackle football since 2011. He spent two years in atom, one in peewee and two in bantam in Regina Minor Football. His high school years were carried out with the Lumsden Devils (RHSAA), which plays nine-man football. Over the summer, Doidge played three years of South Sask Selects football, one with the U16 South Sask team and three years of summer league ball.

The 6’2, 210lbs defensive end has several accolades to his name. He won the U16 Tournament with the South Sasks in 2016. The same year, he and the Devils were 2A provincial champions. He was also named rookie of the year. The following season, he won a 3A provincial championship with the Devils. In 2018, Doidge and the U16 South Sask Selects were Pig Skin Tournament champions, which was held in San Antonia, Texas. He also helped the Devils capture another 3A provincial championship this past season.

Doidge is interested in electronic systems engineering.

Players are creatures of habit, and everyone has their own means of getting into game mode. “Before each game I put my headphones on, play some music, visualize the game and what my job is, what my opponents might do, and I am all quiet,” Doidge said. “So, when I am out on the field, I bring it. I don’t think; I just do!”

Michael Clow

Michael Clow, who is also a defensive end, played with the Miller Marauders (RHSAA) in high school. Standing at 6’2, 180lbs, he is from Regina, Saskatchewan.

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