RB Lezama using football to go far

Football means everything to me. Since I was 9 I eat sleep and breathed football. I think football kept me out of a lot of trouble and I think I can go pretty far with it.”

Runningback, David Lezama, is determined to use football to get further in life. At 5’10 and 165lbs, Lezama plays for the Harry Ainlay Titans who were ranked on the CFC50 top high school programs across Canada in 2016. The Titans made it to the Regional semi-finals for Alberta, but lost 27-8.

David has been playing football for seven years now. He was first introduced to the sport by his brothers who encouraged him to start playing. It was at the running back position that he would settle on. “I enjoy playing running back because you can do so much at the position whether it be pass blocking, route running, or even run blocking for someone else” he says.

NFL running back, Adrian Peterson, is a player that Lezama tries to model his game after. “He can run you over, but he is also fast enough to outrun you and leave you in his tracks” David says. He goes on to say that in the off-season he’s going to be working on strength and explosiveness to continue to work towards improving as an athlete and get him ready for next season.

While David still has a few more years at this level, he has attended camps at the University of Alberta to work with some of their coaches. He mentions that these opportunities make him “feel like a better player because I was always learning something new.” Learning something new requires an open mind and an ability to be coachable. At the next level, this ability usually dictates how well you adjust. “A jump to another level is always a change, but I think as long as I keep working hard and keeping my grades up my jump won’t be extremely harsh.” 

Football has been the focal point in this young athlete’s life thus far. “It showed me what commitment was and without football, I probably wouldn’t be doing much. It also built my character and who I am today.”

The support group that David has includes his brothers who we mentioned above. “If it wasn’t for my brothers I wouldn’t of even started playing football. They always come to my games unless they absolutely can’t. They’re also there for me when I need help with something.” With these strong influences in his life, David will continue to strive to accomplish the goals that he has set out for himself.

Lezama has future aspirations to be a trainer when he’s done with football. “I think I would like this job because I would be around sports which is what I like”.

David Lezama
5’10, 165lbs

Teams: Edmonton Chargers, Harry Ainlay Titans (MEHSA), Alberta Summer Games (Zone 6)
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2019

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