RB O’Connor choosing his best option (VIDEO)

Grant Park Pirates Brandon O’Connor has impressed many during his short time on the gridiron.

Brandon O’Connor came to Canada in 2013 from Jamaica and started at Grant Park high school. O’Connor was introduced to football back then and has been on the Pirates ever since. In week one of the WHSFL season Brandon was named offensive player of the week, and has finished tied for second in scoring with 9 touchdowns.


At the moment Brandon is talking to a coach from St.Francis Xavier University and is currently leaving his options open as there are some other interests. “I have not to this point had an official visit to any universities nor have I had any NCAA offers”, explained O’Connor, “I hope this will change in the very near future.”

The highlight of last season was when Brandon’s team that was ranked 10th, ended up finishing 3rd.

Brandon’s Mom, brother, some very close friends and every single coach he’s had contact with has influenced him. He mentioned, “ I have come to realize each of these people have had a different purpose in my life, as they have been there to offer me guidance and support, raise my spirits when I feel down and in truth I wouldn’t be anywhere near my current position without them.” O’Connor is thankful that they’re always supportive, and that they offer him honest and constructive criticisms.

It could be surprising to some that Brandon’s had so much success in football. In 2013 Brandon moved to Canada with almost no knowledge of football.” I think anybody who knew the player I was when I started is totally amazed of how much I have grown in the sport since then,” added O’Connor.

Once he’s done high school, Brandon is seriously looking at entrepreneurship. However, he’s not exactly certain what he’s going to take, if his first choice doesn’t work out then he would explore becoming a bank manager.

It’s still in the early stages of recruitment, but Brandon is still enjoying the interest expressed by coaches from various universities.


For his training, Brandon is in the weight room 5-6 days a week in the offseason and has a specially designed workout schedule. He also tries to eat the right foods.

In order to keep his production up, Brandon is going to consistently focus on working hard in the weight room and developing his speed. Brandon concluded, “These are two things that in the past have helped me in a very big way to improve as an athlete and a person.”


Brandon O’Connor
6’1,185 lbs

Team: Grant Park Pirates (high school: WHSFL)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017


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