RB/REC Tyrique Dixon Bowden is enjoying recruitment process

With the perfect blend of athletic talent, work ethic and focus, Tyrique Dixon Bowden is a player destined to go far in the sport of football.

Playing running back and receiver for the Citadel Phoenix, Bowden is a phenomenal athlete who is drawing plenty of recruiting interest as he goes through his senior season.

Bowden’s football journey began before he was even born, as the game has long been an important part of his family background.

Football is in my DNA and runs heavy on both sides of my family, with my uncles, and father all previously playing ball,” Bowden said.

Beginning his playing days with the Halifax Argos, Bowden quickly found success on the gridiron by winning offensive rookie and offensive player of the year awards.

Moving on to high school, Bowden would find himself immersed in a winning culture at Citadel High. After two seasons with the Phoenix, Bowden has had a significant impact on the field and has achieved some major accomplishments.

Both years we took the championship, and last year I was named Division 1 All Star,” Bowden said.

The highlight of my season was definitely when our team won the championship, became back to back champions and I was actually able to contribute because I was no longer a rookie.”


Now playing in his senior season with the Phoenix, Bowden is starting to look ahead at what his next step will be. The talented Nova Scotia prospect has had an active recruiting process with plenty of interest so far, but Bowden wants to make sure he makes the best choice for his future.

I have been considering some universities but the decision I want to make is if I want to stay in Halifax or leave the province,” Bowden said.

My recruiting process has been great, I am looking for a university that will fit my educational and sports goals. I’ve been talking to a lot of schools all across the country and several coaches face to face. It’s a great experience and I learned a lot.”

The Citadel playmaker has already learned a lot about the recruitment process and knows that a lot of factors will influence this important choice. Bowden says he has plans to visit some schools in the near future and through his communication with university coaches he has learned a lot about the recruitment process.

I do not assume this decision will be easy, in fact, after speaking with some coaches and seeing the opportunities they have to offer me, the decision process gets harder,” offered Bowden.

I learned you must ask lots of questions and do not assume they can read your mind.”

Coming from a football family is one thing, but Bowden also has some influential figures in his life that have guided him and kept him moving along the road to success.

“Two of the most influential people in my life is definitely my grandmother and my mother,” Bowden said. “They both are always pushing me to do my best, to never give up and always makes sure I’m going down the right path.”

Bowden also looks to the pivotal coaches around him that are helping him reach his full potential and giving him the tools for future success.

In football, coach Tanner is a big inspiration for me,” Bowden said. “He taught me a lot of discipline on and off the field. I was always late and never bothered to pay attention but he gave me the kick in the behind I needed.”

When it comes to his future, Bowden is thinking hard about both his goals on the football field and his career aspirations for when his playing days are over.

My future school and career goals is to play pro and I am still debating on if I want to be a lawyer or a sports physiotherapist,” Bowden said.

Bowden understands that natural talent can only take you so far and that greatness is only achieved through the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Bowden’s training routine speaks volumes about his passion for the game and his dedication to constantly improving.

My training regimen starts before I hit the gym or field,” described Bowden. “Every morning I drink a protein shake, have team practices after school and sometime 6 am and go to the gym whenever I can find the time.”

I also incorporate things like, instead of walking somewhere I’ll run there instead and I go out to the field to work on my footwork and technique whenever I get the chance too.”


Tyrique Dixon Bowden
5’9, 180 lbs

Teams: Citadel Phoenix (high school: NSSAFFL), Halifax Argos (Halifax Gridiron Football Association)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Open
Class: 2017


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