REC Appiah-Kubi chasing gridrion dreams


Ravens standout keeping eyes open on CIS interest

St. Roch Ravens receiver Gabriel Appiah-Kubi motives changed quickly when he began his gridirion journey.

Gabriel Appiah-Kubi:



5’10, 155 lbs

St. Roch Ravens (high school: ROPSSAA)
Brampton Bulldogs (OVFL)


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The Brampton standout started his gridiron career in grade 9. It was with his current team the Saint Roch Ravens of the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association (ROPSSAA). The speedy receiver had social motives when he started playing the sport. However, those motives changed quickly.

”All of my friends were on the team and I felt left out so I decided to join the team. at first I was only playing for the popularity, but the more I played the more I realized how much I loved the game.”

Appiah-Kubi also represented his his country last winter, when he aligned with Team Ontario for the International Bowl against Team USA.

The Ravens receiver plans on joining the OVFL this summer by wearing the Brampton Bulldogs colors.

As a Raven, the Brampton athlete did not only win the OFSAA championship game but was also crowned with his teammates as ROPSSAA champions . He marks that game as last season’s highlight.

”My highlight of last season was winning ROPSSAA. This was the senior teams first championship, although we did win OFSAA i think that the ROPSSAA title was more important to us as a team.”

Throughout his young football career, some people doubted Appiah-Kubi, saying he was too small to be on the gridiron. However, with his work ethic and the support of  his entourage he is able to prove them wrong.

”The most influential people in my life are my friends and family because they have taught me to not give up on something. Whenever someone would tell me that i am too small to play football they would be there for me and support me.”

”I believe in chasing my dreams.”

With all that motivation, the agile slotback works hard on his physical abilities.

”My training regimen is mostly in the gym trying to work on building my frame and getting bigger as a receiver, but when i am not in the gym I am working on my explosiveness, speed and hands.”

As of recruiting, Gabriel is still in the early stages. He is open to any school.

”I haven’t started to consider any schools yet but I am keeping my eyes open to all schools in the CIS”

Appiah-Kubi adds that the recruiting process is also a source of motivation,

”My recruitment process has been very interesting, I never thought that i would have this many coaches start talking to me this early in my career. It is very exiting when I get a message or a letter from a coach. it motivates me to work harder on my school work and football training.”

Finally, the 5’10 receiver already has a plan for the future.

”My plans for the future are to be a good student during university and also a great player who my coaches can trust and rely on, on and off the field.”






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