REC Reid “loves the dog mentality” of his position

(photo courtesy of Sebastien Reid)

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

For receiver/cornerback, Sebastien Reid, this saying rings true as he hasn’t always been the biggest, standing at 5-foot-10 and 170-pounds, but he doesn’t back down from anyone no matter the size or ranking. This “dog like mentality” is what he loves about his positions and it has transferred into his whole being.

Let’s take a step back, though. Who is Sebastien Reid?

Having played for seven years, this will be the first season that Reid plays high school football as his school didn’t have a team so he and his family made the decision for him to transfer to New Westminster Secondary with the Hyacks.

This year, I recently transferred schools as my recent one didn’t have football. I’ll be attending New West Secondary and playing for Coach Farhan Lalji,” he states. “We just concluded spring camp and it was just crazy to me to see the structure in our program and the football smarts from our coaching staff and the support system we have.”

Football has been a lifeline for Reid as he says that it probably saved his life.

When I was in a not so good place in my life and probably going in the wrong direction, it saved my life,” he explained. “It helped me form new relationships that will last a lifetime and helped me to become a better person and to be accountable in my life and was always a positive in my life. No matter what else was going on, I knew I had football – that was always going to be there for me.”

He goes on to say that he doesn’t know where he would be right now if the sport that has so obviously transformed him wasn’t in his life. Football means everything to this young player.

He recalls his most memorable moment when he went down with his coach, Cory Philpot at the time, to Miami with All-Star Youth. He says that scoring on his first touch gave him the confidence he needed for him to believe he could play with down in the states.

“I think we won 56-14 that game – in a game we weren’t expected to win. That was pretty cool.”

Playing both ways, Reid loves different aspects of each position.

On the defensive side, I love the dog mentality of the corner position and just being kind of out on your own island and being able to make a big impact. I’m the type of player to want that number 1 receiver and take him out of the game,” he says. “I take pride in that and the physicality you have to have to be able to come up in the run game. Pressing people and not letting them get off the line is always fun and allows you to play confident knowing you have won the match up before it’s started and that’s where the technique comes in.”

Offensively, he loves being a part of a “big play” or that first down that allows your team to keep moving forward. Being the safety for his quarterback and being able to make a play once the play is developing, is exciting for Reid.

I always jokingly say, “Don’t worry, even when I’m not open, I’m open.”

(photo courtesy of Sebastien Reid)

What drives this young athlete who is going to need to get up to speed for this upcoming season as his new team plays in the most competitive conference in BC high school football – the AAA Western conference.

I think what gives me an edge in my game is I take pride in having as much passion as I do I feel it elevates my game a lot,” he explained. “I haven’t always been the biggest so I pride myself on just my compete and giving my all and leaving the field knowing I put it all on the line. I think you will see that this upcoming season.”

Reid is already settling in with his new team and has set the bar high for himself and those around him.

I’m excited to get the season kicked off and start my new journey as a Hyack,” he says. “Even though I just started a few weeks ago, I already feel a part of the team. We have high expectations for the season and if we do what’s asked of us and come together, I think we can really make a run this year and do something special.”

While he has zeroed in on this upcoming season, he hasn’t lost sight of his long term goals. He plans on playing in the U.S if he can. He is looking for that opportunity to play anywhere that will give him a chance. He mentions that if the NCAA isn’t an option for him, that playing for a U Sports program would be great as well.

The recruiting process for me hasn’t been what I would have liked it to be, but over the last year it has gotten good. I had some things in the classroom I had to take care of and after that we’ll see what happens.”

As an incoming freshman, should that dream become a reality, he says that he is planning on being a great teammate and work hard to earn his spot on the roster, proving that he deserves to play at the next level. He is confident that this transition will be fairly smooth.

For me, it’s just having structure and being a part of something bigger than myself,” he says. Which is why he will be working in this structured environment that the Hyacks (and other third parties) provide in the weight room and on the field. 

I want to get faster and work on being a very technically sound football player with a high IQ of the game,” he says. “Biggest focus is not just going through the motions, but really sitting down and paying attention on what will take my game to another level.”

(photo courtesy of Sebastien Reid)

There is depth to this player. No doubt, some mentoring has taken place, along with some strong guidance and support. Reid says his family has been influential in his life and he appreciates all they have done for him with little resources. He goes on to mention Eddie Ferg and Karen Lopez who have always “preached” how important it is to be a good student-athlete.

“They’ve been nothing but a positive thing in my life,” he says. “They’ve taught me a lot, and even though I believe I haven’t even scratched the surface of my potential and have a lot to work on, they have had a huge impact on my development on and off the field and I’m a better person because of it. For that, I can’t even thank them enough.” 

Reid is looking forward to what this new season brings with his new team that he has already started to jell with and is wanting to come together as a group and help to win the next BC AAA Provincial Championship.

“Really, just coming to a great program and being able to help on and off the field any way I can and being one of the leaders on the team and just that chase for a championship with a great group of guys and determined coaching staff and great community is what I am looking forward to.”


Sebastien Reid
5’10, 170lbs
Cornerback, Slot, Receiver

Team(s): Air Raid Academy, North Surrey Tigers/Bears, North Delta Longhorns, New Westminster Hyacks
Official Visits: none
Unofficial Visits: Washington, Oregon, Portland State, UNLV, Oregon State
Consideration: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2018

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