RECAP: Cheetahs need overtime to clip Cougars, CFC 100 Joseph, Parent & Betts have notable performances

It was an epic battle at Vanier College between two giants.

This past Saturday, it took overtime, but the Vanier Cheetahs defeated rivals Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars 23-16 in Week 7 CEGEP Division 1 action.

With this victory, the Cheetahs have not only the best record in the Sud-Ouest Conference but also the in the league. The Cougars slide to 5-2 but still are in first place in the Nord-Est Conference.

Cheetahs versus Cougars 2014

Dimitri Sinodinos completed 29 passes in 43 attempts for 293 yards, a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown in the victory.  Yutthakaneleuth Insixiengmay and Vincent Alessandrini each tallied a major for the Cheetahs. Brendan Fombuena added three PAT’s.

On defense, Jizreel Botat registered 10 tackles while Marc-Antoine Varin added 7.4 tackles.  Kean Harelimana recorded a sack and racked up seven tackles.  Zach Fitzgerald caught an interception.  Benedicte Cayo and Clement Lebreux each recorded two sacks.  Brian Harelimana and Yusaku Lovence each had a sack.

Cheetahs versus Cougars 2014 2

As for the Cougars, CFC 100 Cedric Joseph tallied a major and rushed for 119 yards on 27 carries.  Bechir Janafaoui scored the other touchdown.  Michael Arruda completed 18 passes in 34 attempts for 171 yards and a passing touchdown.

CFC 100 Frederik Robitaille recorded a sack while Shakiym Hoyte registered eight tackles and CFC 100 Kevin McGee added five tackles to lead the Cougars defense.

Here are the rest of the results from CEGEP Division 1 WEEK 7 action:

Mathieu Betts


At CEPSUM, Edouard Montemiglio tallied a major and rushed for 163 yards on 26 carries as Vieux-Montreal Spartiates earned a 23-10 win over FX-Garneau Elans.

Samuel St. Maurice scored a touchdown for the Spartiates.  Frederic Paquette-Perreault completed 14 passes in 23 attempts and a passing touchdown.

On defense, CFC 100 Mathieu Betts recorded four sacks and added six tackles. Alain Lambert caught an interception while Tchaly Wendly Dimanche and Zachary Guenette each recorded a sack.

Guillaume Dumas tallied the lone major for the Elans.  Nicolas Bedard and Jeffrey Gasse each registered nine tackles for the defense while CFC 100 Marc Antoine Ouellet and William Pettersen each recorded a sack.

Louis St.Amant 2014 2



At Seminaire Saint-Francois, Alexis Cote scored a touchdown and rushed for 115 yards on 21 carries as the Notre Dame de Foy cruised to a 32-13 victory over Edouard-Montpetit Lynx.

CFC 100 Jean-Sebastien Belisle caught an interception and rushed into the end zone for a major.  Additionally, Alexandre Gailloux had a 28 yard touchdown recepton while Chadrick Tchanga Henry added a 12 yard touchdown reception for CNDF. David Cote was successful on four conversion attempts.

Louis Philippe St.Amant 2014

CFC 100 Louis-Philippe St-Amant  led the defense with nine tackles while Alexandre Hardy added seven tackles.  Jean-Philippe Hudon recorded a sack in the win.

Rossini Sandjong Djabome caught an interception and converted it into a major for the Lynx.  Jean-Guy Rimpel rushed for 108 yards on 20 carries in the loss.

Pierre Olivier Laurendeau was in beast mode on defense as he registered 14 tackles.  Sandjong Djabome added 11 tackles.

Eric Parr


At Montmorency, CFC 100 Gabriel Parent scored two touchdowns and rushed for 153 yards on 17 carries as the host Nomades squeezed out a 34-33 victory over visiting Levis-Lauzon Faucons.

Dave Charles tallied a major and had 130 yards on 12 receptions.  Kevin Felima also scored a touchdown for the Nomades.

Pivot Eric Parr completed 22 passes in 34 attempts for 254 yards, two passing touchdowns and a rushing major.

On defense, Xavier Prevost led the way as he caught an interception and registered six tackles.  Samuel Rossi recorded two sacks.

As for the Faucons, Antoine Mailhot tallied two majors and had 172 yards on nine receptions.  Felix Caron- Guillemette also scored a touchdown. Louis Charles Moisan added three PAT’s

Alexandre Gagnon completed 20 passes in 39 attempts for 266 yards and three passing touchdowns.

Jean-Philippe Levesque registered seven tackles for the Faucons.  Jonathan Morrisette caught an interception and added six tackles.  Olivier Lavoie, Olivier Dubois-Bergevin and Dave Drouin each caught an interception.  Felix Bergeron recorded a sack in the loss.

 Photo credits:
Vanier Cheetahs versus Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars – F. Lebreux
CNDF versus Edouard Montpetit Lynx – Jean du Sablon Fotofoot


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