RECAP (QC): Rebels spoil Patriots Homecoming with win

This game was very important for these two longtime adversaries.

This is the first part in a home-and-home series. The game was also played during DuPhare Schools’ ‘Homecoming’ and during the the Félix-Deslauriers Hallée Challenge. This young man, who was a former player of the Patriots, died at the age of just 20 years as a result of cancer.

 Claire Dubreuil

Photo credit: Claire Dubreuil

For Rebel, it was a challenge to face this powerful team against which they had never managed to get their hands on the trophy.
The game was an exchange of good plays during the first two quarters.

At halftime, the score was 6-7 in favor of the Patriots. The offence had little chance for points while defence managed to contain the enemy attacks.

However, in the third quarter, the Rebels were successful in both their offensive and defensive counter attack on the Patriots and ended the quarter slightly ahead 12-8.

Photo credit: Claire Dubreuil

Photo credit: Claire Dubreuil

The beginning of the fourth quarter was marked by the game of cat and mouse. Each team recovered loose balls by the opposing team. Midway through the quarter, encouraged by their slight lead and thirst to win this game, the Rebel offence pressed ahead while the defense responded to the Patriots offensive attack.

The final result was an historic feat for the Rebels, winning the game 23-8 and finally getting their hands on the famous trophy.

Photo credit:  Claire Dubreuil

Photo credit: Claire Dubreuil

Rebels Offensive Coordinator Nicholas Robitaille gave his impressions of the game.

‘It was a very big performance from our offence against a very good team in intense heat conditions for football,” said Robitaille.  “After difficult early game, the pace of our offense finally overcame the DuPhare defensive front.

“As the game wore on, our offensive line took over, especially on the drive that allowed us to put our last score that of Anthony Allard (34). I want to mention the flawless performance of our substitute quarterback Antoine Jalbert (12), who replaced our starting quarterback that was injured for the game. In his first juvenile start, he ran our offence very well and he managed some beautiful passes including one to Layini Umar (88) for a touchdown. Again, we were treated to an excellent performance from our running back Anthony Allard (34). Next week is the second game of the series against Du Phare. We will have to have a very good week of preparation because they will want to avenge this defeat certainly that we have inflicted at their home.”

Photo credit:  Claire Dubreuil

Photo credit: Claire Dubreuil

Rebels Program Manager, Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Marc-Antoine Joseph gave his thoughts after the game:

”The game started badly,” said Joseph.  “Lack of players on the field and lack of concentration at any point of view for our young defence: misalignments, runtime errors, error responsibilities and mistakes in pursuit.”

“So we had to take our two time-outs early in the game. But after the DuPhare’s first offensive series, I enjoyed the way our players regained focus. We were good in pass coverage, good against the ground game and managed to contain the great quarterbacks of the Patriots. The defensive-backs were particularly alert during this part. Our defensive front also greatly improved the quality of their game by being more disciplined in pursuit, being more aggressive and especially to the line of scrimmage. I am particularly pleased with the execution. In the first part, our players were mainly tackles without help. This week we had a lot of “Gang Tackling” which shows a better quality of execution and a better effort from the entire defensive unit.”

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