Recruiting Headlines – 50 articles from 2018

After following the top CFC100/CFC60 prospects on their journey’s the last three months, I figured it’d be worth compiling a page dedicated to all the different stories we touched on throughout the season. We’ve had big-time NCAA commitments, U Sports offers flying all over the place, and plenty more stories you may have missed – click the headline to read the full article.

CFC100 Isaiah Bagnah announces NCAA destination

“How they run their program and what they prioritize in their team is really intriguing to me. Can’t go wrong with the Blue Turf!”

CFC100 Jett Elad announces he’ll be hanging around Ohio

“I’m doing everything I can to be the hometown kid that made everyone in Mississauga proud.”

CFC100 Liam Dick Top 5 Article Breakdown

“They wanted to see how I played this season and were very impressed by what they saw on film and thought I would fit in perfectly with their team. They told me they would love to have me for an official visit.”

CFC100 Theo Johnson hauls in his 11th DI offer

“They reached out to me today. I was surprised to receive the offer considering I wasn’t able to make it to a camp for the staff to evaluate me in person.”

CFC100 Mahdi Hazime receives huge Power 5 offer

“Hazime caught my eye two years ago when he was playing minor football in Scarborough. Since then, he’s moved down to Michigan to play his football in the Detroit area. He demonstrates that regardless of where he’s playing, he seems to excel as an interior offensive lineman.”

CFC100 Mahdi Hazime gets first class treatment on NCAA visit

“…the coaching staff were very welcoming, even right before kickoff the coaches were talking to us. They are definitely one of the top MAC School in the conference.”

Big Ten comes calling for CFC100 Aaron Armitage

“Just have to stay humble, and keep working like I have no offers and interests.”

CFC100 Class 2021 Aaron Armitage grabs first Power 5 offer

“I had no idea I was receiving an offer today … I got the message from my coach that he wanted to see me in his office putting me on the phone with him, and I had received my first offer.”

CFC100 Lamar Goods pulls in 7th Power 5 offer

“They’ve been sending me mail lately. Then I called them and talked to a coach, and he said that he likes me for my size and quickness, and then talked more about how I need the grades to be right.”

CFC100 Kenny Mestidor secures third Power 5 offer

“I like their coaching staff, they’ve always been real with me and supported me through my season. The offer was definitely appreciated.”

CFC100 Kurtis Rourke takes official visit in Athens

“The amazing visit ended with a breakfast at 7:15 in the morning where the QB Coach, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and a couple of Player of Personnel Directors. We’ve formed a friendly honest open relationship in which my parents are able to call and talk to the coaches at any time to discuss Nathan and my future with the program.”

CFC100 Christian Veilleux goes one-on-one with Coach Harbaugh

“The atmosphere of being around almost 112,000 people was crazy. Never been in a stadium that loud.”

Delaware State swarm Canada, offer multiple CFC100 and CFC60 prospects

“I really like the approach that they are taking with their program, and I believe that they have a good future ahead of them. It’s great to see that they are taking an aggressive approach in recruiting Canadians, it’s always great to see Canadians given the opportunity to play ball down in the States.”

Delaware State answers the call, offer three CFC60s

“This ball of muscle is an explosive athlete. One of the things I noticed about his film is how low and how sudden he would deliver a blow. He also showed that he can either hold the point of attack – a double team – and he can also penetrate and be disruptive.”

CFC60 Appolon brothers high academics lead to offer in Florida

“Good grades can also bring you a scholarship. My 4.0 GPA is why I got this one.”

CFC60 Appolon brothers take official visit

“Really like the family atmosphere and the fact that there’s a lot of international players on the team”

CFC60 Enock Makonzo snags first NCAA DI offer

“I got in contact with the DC during our thanksgiving break. He asked me to call him and told me that he really liked what he saw on my tape.”

CFC100 Kail Dava keeps the offer train rolling

“I have my official visit on the December 7th. From the conversations we have had I have gotten a great feeling from them. Very thankful for this opportunity.”

CFC100 James Hinsperger takes a look at the ACC

“I was welcomed immediately by the recruiting coordinator and brought into a dining area where I sat with my dad and ate. While eating, numerous coaches came by to shake my hand, and discuss my last season, all of them seemed interested in what they saw.”

CFC100 Chris Weber takes a pair of NCAA trips

“…We went to go to see the team practice and hear a speech from the Head Coach. Everyone made me feel very welcome, and I enjoyed getting to tour the campus and watch the game.”

CFC100 Taylor Burns adds his fifth NCAA offer

“I was called by him last night and he offered me. They offer a young program with great facilities and coaches, it’s a recipe for a great program in the future.”

CFC100 Nolan Meinzinger enjoys SEC trip

“It was a great experience and the environment was unreal. The staff and trainers showed great hospitality.”

CFC100 Leif Magnuson takes unofficial ACC visit

“An awesome experience and a great opportunity to see what D1 football really looks like”.

Young gun CFC100 Nate Martey gets a taste of the NCAA

“I spoke with Coach Macky the Canadian recruiter and was really impressed … I will most likely be returning in the summer for camp.”

CFC100 Cade Cote crosses the border for NCAA visit

“I got an invite to be a guest to their game where they measured my height, weight, wingspan, arm length and hand size. I got a tour of the facilities and was able to go on the field during warmup.”

CFC100 Jake Taylor spends his holiday weekend south of the border

“He was also with a teammate Callum Hyland who I played on an All-Star game with in my youth so it was fun to also catch up with a few Canadians at the game. It was not the finish the Griz wanted but the game and atmosphere was definitely an eye opener to how great the level of talent is in the FCS Big Sky Conference.”

CFC100 Trae Tomlinson gets his first taste of the NCAA

“It was an awesome experience for me because I got to see my first D1 game and got to see the competition … Looking forward to the next 3 years of my high school career.”

CFC60 Patrick Lavoie on the board with first DI offer

“I was very surprised when they contacted me because I’ve never seen or talked to them before, but they announced me that they actually found out about me through CFC so I am really grateful.”

CFC100 Isaiah Letander joins the herd; Announces early commit

“Aside from playing on the D-line, there are clips where he lines up as a linebacker which is scary when you consider his height and weight. When I watch his film, there are just plays where he flashed.”

CFC100 Keelan White staying home for university

“I wanted to stick around home because I believe that it will be best for me and my family. My parents are big influences on me and my football career, so I think it is best for them too as they can see me progress and excel in what I love the most.”

CFC100 Jaxon Hume going coast to coast with AUS offer

“[They] were the second coaches I spoke to after my first offer from U of A, so we’ve been in contact for a while … I’ve been following them for this past season and it was really amazing following their great season.”

CFC100 Jaxon Hume heating up with fifth U Sports offer

“[They] offer a very trustworthy and experienced staff of coaches that are able to get the job done, as well as a very good system of developing players into very talented U Sports athletes.”

CFC100 Jaxon Hume runs into another offer in the Prairies

“I was first introduced … through their track program recruiting me and then from there I later got in touch with their football coaches and continued to build a relationship.”

Visits as far as they eye can see across the country

“It would be nice to get a change of scenery outside of BC.”

Make it three for CFC100 Kinsale Philip

“Their recruiting coordinator got in touch with me and I was really glad that the conversation felt personal and we talked lots more than football. They have a fast track program into law school that interested me. They’re a great program.”

CFC100 Devonte Ballantyne narrows list down to six

“The process I used is kinda hard to explain. All I can say about it is that I talked about these schools the most out of any other, and when people ask me where I want to be, I would say these schools.”

CFC100 Zack Ihasz back on the trail

“When you watch his film, you will see him play with a lot of speed, leverage, and has that man-child look about him when playing the game.”

CFC100 Kalin Betts receives third offer

I respect their coaches and love the teams environment. The experience to be able to play NCAA football and still remain in Canada keeps them unique from all the other schools.”

OUA program drops by to meet with CFC100 Kremler twins

“I think it’s great that the West Coast is getting the attention it deserves from the East and the rest of Canada, football is really growing and we got a lot of talent coming out all across B.C.”

CFC100 Kremler twins pick-up another joint offer

“Their facilities are second to none in Canada and they breed some pretty amazing athletes at the end of the day.”

Two offers and two visits for CFC100 Steven Schwartz

“It was great to hear about what they have to offer me both academically and athletically. It was also good to hear about the direction that their program is going in and I look forward to building my relationship with them.”

CFC100 Ounsted and Cumarasamy get some love from the OUA

“The experience with both coaches was great, I’m so grateful that they both have showed their interest in me.”

CFC100 Evan Nolli gets in-house OUA visit

“I enjoyed the home visit immensely. The coaches were down to Earth and very friendly people.”

Two OUA programs spend time with CFC100 Jaden Severy

“…they are looking to recruit a strong group of players that can grow with the program and help it turn the corner and make it a success. ”

CFC100 Jaxon Smith receives fifth U Sports offer

“I couldn’t be more grateful I’m very happy to see the work I put in season and off season is starting to pay off, it’s a very eye opening experience I’m grateful for every moment of it.”

CFC100 Evan Nolli collects his first OUA offer

“They were very friendly and were staying in contact with me through out the season … I’m honoured and grateful that I have been recognized as a talented player across the country.”

CFC100 Kasten Wayken gets inside look during Prairie visit

“Very much enjoyed the atmosphere and I can definitely see where Roughrider pride comes from. The facilities were really great! The stands were full for the last game of the season.”

CFC100 QB Kasten Wayken receives first OUA offer

“They definitely took a deep look at what I was doing and how I have progressed, which is great … They made the conversations easy and I am looking forward to visiting them in the next few weeks.”

CFC100 QB Luke Hornung attracts two U Sports offers

“They started contacting me about half way through summer. After a couple weeks of talking back and fourth they invited me out on a visit. The facilities they have out there are very impressive. I also got to see the great coaching staff and welcoming group of players they have.”

Carleton offer two West Coast CFC100s during Panda Game weekend

“The experience was absolute madness. The energy from not just both teams, but both sides of the crowd was so crazy. All the chants, all the roars was truly something I’ve never experienced in a U Sports game.”

Manitoba Bisons offer three more CFC100

“The program is one the most prestigious in Canada in terms of producing great football players. Meeting with Coach (Brian) Dobie really opened my eyes when it came to football in Manitoba.”


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