Recruiting Wrap: 10 ranked players join OUA squads as recruiting gets more competitive

REC Brandon Gourgon

Brandon Gourgon is the second receiver to join the Carleton Ravens 2021 recruiting class.

Gourgon is a 6’1″, 175 lb student-athlete from Montreal, Quebec. He last played for Spartiates Vieux Montreal.


CFC60 RB Patrick Charles

Patrick Charles is the second running back to commit to the Ravens for next season.

Charles is 6’0″, 203 lbs and recently played for the New Mexico Military Institute. He is from Montreal where he originally played for the Vanier College Cheetahs.

CFC150 OL AJ Zeitoun

AJ Zeitoun is the latest addition to Carleton’s 2021 recruiting class.

Zeitoun is an offensive guard from LaSalle, Ontario but made the move to Florida to play at Clearwater Academy. He measures in at 6’4″, 305 lbs.

CFC200 REC Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith is leading the way for the Guelph Gryphons as he is the team’s first commitment for 2021.

Smith is a 5’10”, 180 lb receiver coming from south of the border in Los Altos, California where he played for Los Altos High School.


LB Brayden Lefkas

Brayden Lefkas is the first defensive player joining the new Gryphons recruiting class.

Lefkas is a linebacker from Burlington, Ontario who played for the Corpus Christi Longhorns.

“I chose Guelph because I used to live in Guelph when I was younger and I always watched the Gryphons play football,” says Lefkas. “It’s always been somewhat of a dream to play for Guelph.”


QB Shawn Lal

Shawn Lal is the first U Sports player to transfer to Guelph this year.

Lal is a 6’4″, 190 quarterback who is coming to the Gryphons from the Windsor Lancers. Before his collegiate career, he played for Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener, Ontario.


DB Justin Cummings

Justin Cummings is the third of three defensive backs to commit to the Laurier Golden Hawks.

Cummings is a 5’10”, 165 lb student-athlete from Brampton, Ontario. He last played for St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School.


LB Ethan Rabiner

Ethan Rabiner is the third player to join the Golden Hawks new linebacker corps.

Rabiner is from North Vancouver, British Columbia where he played for both the Handsworth Secondary School Royals as well as the North Shore Twins. He measures at 6’1″, 200 lbs.

“I chose Laurier because of the passion the coaches have for the game,” says Rbiner. “The most important thing is winning and that’s something that me and the coaching staff have in common. They’re about hard work and commitment.”

“Laurier also has a great history with a lot of success with the program and their alumni. I feel like we can create great chemistry and be successful in the upcoming years,” he added.


LB Robert Gidisu Jr.

Robert Gidisu Jr. is the second linebacker joining the Toronto Varsity Blues new recruiting class.

Gidisu Jr. is a 5’8″, 160 lb linebacker from Toronto, Ontario. He played for Chaminade High School.


CFC200 ATH Nick Osho

Nick Osho is the third multi-position athlete to commit to the Varsity Blues.

Osho is a 6’0″, 190 lb athlete from Burnaby, British Columbia where he played for St. Thomas More Collegiate Institute.

“I chose Toronto for its world class academics and I feel it’s a place where I can showcase my skills and get noticed,” says Osho.


CFC200 LB Kam Gurung

Kam Gurung is yet another linebacker joining U of T in a strong of new linebacker additions.

Gurung is a 6’1″, 210 lb student-athete from London, Ontario. He last played for the Sir Robert Banting Broncos.


CFC200 REC Ethan Gill

Ethan Gill is the first of two receivers committing to the Varsity Blues for the 2021 season.

Gill is from Burlington and played for the Cambridge Lions. He measures in at 6’4″, 195 lbs.

“I chose Toronto because I believe that their football program has a bright future with coach Greg Marshall,” says Gill. “It also met both my academic and athletic wants.”


REC Jake Oseen

Jake Oseen is the second receiver joining U of T and their latest recruiting class.

Oseen is a 5’10”, 170 lb pass catcher from North Vancouver where he played for the Carson Graham Eagles.


CFC200 DB Isaiah Blackson

Isaiah Blackson is the second defensive back who has committed to the Waterloo Warriors so far this season.

Blackson is a 5’10”, 150 lb secondary player from London and played at AB Lucas.


CFC200 ATH Malachi Daniel

Malachi Daniel is, so far, the only multi-position athlete who has committed to Waterloo for 2021.

Daniel is a 5’11”, 180 lb athlete from Brampton where he played at St. Thomas Aquinas.

“I chose the University of Waterloo because it just really felt like home,” says Daniel.

“I was originally a 2020 recruit and they were the first school in the OUA to offer me my first football scholarship. Due to my injury, I reclassed and I was worried about losing my scholarship but the coaching staff was really supportive and kept in contact with me throughout my whole recovery process. Academically I found a program that best suits me and my academic ability and it was a no brainer from day one!”


OL Cole McBride

Cole McBride is the fourth new offensive lineman for the Western Mustangs.

McBride is a 6’4″, 260 lb lineman from Guelph, Ontario. He last played for St. James Catholic High Scool and the Twin City Predators.


DL Nick Cruji

Nick Cruji is the first commit for Western’s 2022 recruiting class.

Cruji hails from Mississauga, Ontario where he played for the Lorne Park Spartans. He measures at 6’4″, 250 lbs.


RB Luca Rosiello

Luca Rosiello is the only new running back, so far, who is set to join the Mustangs for 2021.

Rosiello last played football with the Nelson Lords in Burlington. He measures in at 6’0″ 205 lbs.


REC Liam Keary

Liam Keary is another Nelson Lords player committing to the Mustangs.

Keary is a 5’10”, 150 lb receiver from Burlington.

“The school has a fantastic reputation, great coaches and they run an amazing football program,” says Keary.


CFC150 OL Pierce Murphy

Pierce Murphy is the tallest new Mustang, measuring in at 6’6″, 300 lbs.

Murphy is an offensive guard from Calgary, Alberta where he played for the Henry Wise Wood Warriors.

“I chose Western because of the tradition of the program and culture they have isn’t comparable anywhere else,” says Murphy. “The coaches took the time to build strong relationships with me and gave me the family feel.”


CFC100 DL Ebenezer Bedada

Ebenezer Bedada will be joining his Henry Wise Wood teammate Murphy in London next fall as Bedada has committed to Western as well.

Bedada is a 6’5″, 235 lbs defensive end from Calgary.

“[Coach] MacNeil and [coach] Marshall chose me for the person and human being I am,” says Bedada. “They saw beyond my skill and told me they’d take care of me. Academically, I see myself succeeding to my fullest ability.”


DL Trent Jones

Trent Jones is another defensive end who has committed to the Mustangs.

Jones is a 6’2″, 220 lb student-athlete at MM Robinson in Burlington.

“With their great engineering programs and football program with a fantastic record and reputation, Western is a great opportunity to take the next step towards my career as well as bring my skills as a football player to the next level,” says Jones.


QB Jérôme Rancourt

Jérôme Rancourt is the second quarterback to commit to Western for fall 2021.

Rancourt comes to the Mustangs from Quebec City where he played for Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy. He stands at 6’4″, 230 lbs.

“Western is a top football program and I have a great opportunity to compete over there,” says Rancourt. “I like the energy from the coaches and I heard great things from players. I just felt like it was it!”


DL Evan Kitchener

Evan Kitchener is the second defensive tackle to commit to the Mustangs for next season.

Kitchener is 6’2″, 265 lbs from Maple Ridge, British Columbia who last played at Terry Fox High School.


DL Joey Mocnik

Joey Mocnik is another west coast defensive lineman joining the Mustangs new recruiting class.

Mocnik hails from Coquitlam, British Columbia where he played for Centennial Secondary School. He measures at 6’3″, 210 lbs.

“When it came down to where I wanted to continue my education and continue to play and excel at the sport I love, I wanted to be somewhere where I can ensure I will be best set for my future and be able to know that every week I’ll be playing at a program that wants to win,” says Mocnik.

“Surrounded by players that want to win and in front of crowds that support the team; it’s a legacy there in London. A legacy that the coaches want to uphold and it’s sure as heck what those players want to uphold. That’s something you can’t find in most places around Canada and it’s quite unique to that program and I am really excited to get started and compete in London. I am proud of my choice and I’m proud to be a Mustang,” he added.

DL Muftah Ageli

Muftah Ageli is another hometown product who is staying home in Windsor and committing to the Lancers.

Ageli is a 6’1″, 290 lb defensive tackle for Kennedy Collegiate Institute.

“I have deep ties to this city,” explains Ageli.


DB Raekwon Lewis-Gibbs

Raekwon Lewis-Gibbs is the second defensive back to commit to the York Lions.

Lewis-Gibbs is a 6’0″, 170 lb secondary player for the Toronto Thunder. He is originally from Scarborough, Ontario.


REC Mateo Corritore

Mateo Corritore is the second receiver to commit to the Lions.

Corritore played for AN Myer in Niagara Falls, Ontario and stands at 6’0″, 175 lbs.


DL Hagan Douglas

Hagan Douglas is the first of two defensive lineman to come to York as part of their 2021 recruiting class.

Douglas is a 5’10”, 250 lb defensive tackle for Huron Heights in Kitchener.


DL Mackenzie Dunford

Mackenzie Dunford is the second defensive lineman who has committed to the Lions.

Dunford is a 6’4″, 250 student-athlete from Sydenham, Ontario.

“I chose York because I felt that it was the best school for me academically with all the support the coaching staff provides for their players,” says Dunford.


OL David Price

David Price is the third of four transfers that York has received since October.

Price is a 6’8″, 290 lb offensive lineman who is transferring from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia to play for the Lions in 2021. Before U Sports, Price played for Canada Prep and is originally from Oshawa, Ontario.

“The reason I chose York goes back into my high school years,” recalls Price. “This was the one team out of many that truly displayed real loving energy; a real family to be honest.”


QB Sebastian Scott

Sebastian Scott is the most recent of four York transfers.

Unlike the other three who are coming from SMU, Scott is transferring from Bishop’s University in Quebec. Scott is originally Kitchener and played for Huron Heights in his high school days.


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