Regina Rams have ‘best coaches in the province,’ says commit

Regina adds a south Saskatchewan commit to their Class of 2018.

They call him the cowboy. No, seriously, that’s the nickname of the Regina Rams’ recent commit, Luke Turner, a defensive lineman from Assiniboia Composite High School.

“Most people know me by that (nickname) and not my actual name,” Turner said. “I live an hour from anywhere, out in the country, and it is a paradise to live.”

His hometown of Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, truly is in the middle of nowhere. It is close to the Montana boarder. To reach Regina, it’s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive. But, that’s close enough for Turner.

“I chose Regina because it is close to home, so, I could visit my family when I can,” he said.

There was much more than relative proximity that drew Turner to Regina. It was also the people on the forefront of the program. “The coaches are great. The staff is what I believe (to be) the best in the province, maybe in the country. The defensive coach, Sheldon Gray, brings a certain level of intensity to each practice,” Turner said.

“The defensive line coach has watched me develop throughout the years and has coached me for many years,” he added.

Standing at 6’0, 235lbs, Turner has to trek into Assiniboia to go to school. He has played with the Assiniboia Rockets for seven years and five with the South Saskatchewan Selects. This past summer, he was apart of Team Saskatchewan, the silver medalists at the 2017 Football Canada Cup.

In 2013, Turner and his team placed second in the Texas School of Football tournament. Two years later, at the Kelly Bates football camp, he was named as a top junior defensive lineman. Last year, he came in first in the Texas tournament and in 2017, he was named as a top senior defensive lineman at the Kelly Bates camp.

Turner, who is interested in kinesiology and sports medicine, is excited to be apart of the Rams team. He said, “The program is phenomenal, and the players are really cool guys.”


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