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One could say that football is a family affair for the Desrochers and that Riley is just the latest family prodigy. “My Grandfather got me into football at a young age, and I fell in love with it ever since it’s all I care about and family of course,” says Riley Desrochers.

His most cherished memory comes straight from a Rocky movie. After getting knocked down and left to dwell on the bitter taste of defeat, they got back up and fought their way back to a provincial championship title. “Winning the championship in 2016 was my favourite moment and becoming provincial champs. The year before we lost in the finals and the next year we got back to finals and defeated the team that beat us the year prior. It was special to win it with that group of guys,” says Desrochers.

He’s a smaller built receiver, so he models his game after NFL receivers with a similar physique. “ I try to model my game after Odell Beckham Jr or Antonio Brown because of there speed and ability to make people miss in the open field and in traffic. I know a lot of people say those guys but I have that style of play. Big play type of guy,” says Desrochers.

Naturally, the big playmaking wide receiver loves routes where he can make impactful plays, so “Quick slants for sure and fades,” says Desrochers.

His favorite quote shows he shares a trait with the greatest players of all-time. “Practice like you play is a big one for me,” says Desrochers.

This past season the young stud made a lot of big plays for his Mustangs, which led to a lot of wins. However, he knows there is still room for improvement. “Our season just finished we became the provincial champs for the second straight season, and individually I played good all season, but there is always room for improvement and learning,” says Desrochers.

On the field, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, which has helped him dominate most games; however, he knows that sometimes, emotions got the best of him. “I am a very emotional guy and carry that on the field. It has done me well over in my football career, but sometimes it gets me into trouble with the refs. I have learned how to control better over the years from parents yelling at me or by coaches sitting me down and talking to me about it, and I have really been good at controlling it but there still room for improvement so hope this can help me,” says Desrochers.

He is his own worst critic, so he’s always watching film to see where he needs to improve. “After every game, I watch myself on film to see what I could have done better and the stuff I did well to be even better next time,” says Desrochers.

The most influential people in his life are those who have always believed in him. “The most influential people in my life is my mother and coaches especially coach Kevin. Both of them work hard and always believed in me,” says Desrochers.

He would be honoured to play at the FPC so he can showcase his immense talent to everyone who will be watching. “It would mean the world to me to be select to prove to myself that I can compete with the top Comp and still perform and at a high level and to prove to scouts that I can be a playmaker at the next level,” says Desrochers.

Riley Desrochers (#3)

Height/Weight: 6, 175

Position(s): Wide receiver

Team(s): Mustangs

Class: 2019

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