Safety/LB Shannon Covering Passes

Given the opportunity of playing football is a highlight unto itself.

Caden started with the Calgary Bulldogs, moving onto the Calgary Selects both with the CBFA which, with both organizations, earning a huge amount of success and many accolades. From there he landed himself on the Bishop Carroll Cardinals team in the Calgary high school scene where his team spirit and leadership has brought him a new round of gratitude for playing the sport.


There is no particular highlight that sticks out for Caden, but the acknowledgement of being able to play football and that CIS schools are even looking at him has been a memory for him. He is currently keeping all of his options open when it comes to post-secondary education. The whole adventure has been amazing thus far.

One thing he would like everyone to know and understand is that there is more to him than just football. He has many different facets that give him a sense of accomplishment, “I also play Rugby and in my free time I enjoy Golf.” With these additional interests it just makes him into a well-rounded young man. All this leads into knowing that this young man wants to maneuver into football with his post-secondary education, and he would also like to pursue the field of engineering. These interests, football and goals shows Cadens maturity to make quick decisions on his goal line.

One thing that shows through this young man is his graciousness for the support through the years. The family and coaches that have surrounded him and pushed him to be the best well rounded player and person. “The people that influence me the most in my life, has to be my coaches that push me to better every single day.”

With this coaching staff behind Caden, he wants nothing less than to show to everyone that he is ready for the upcoming season. Caden trains 5 days a week at 90 mins intervals with his personal trainer, also with being focused on getting faster and stronger for the upcoming season. Shows nothing but his nature to dedication for the best he can achieve. “I have focused on a devoting 100% of my time into preparing for this upcoming season.”

A young man with strong characteristics, a person with more than football, but a loyalty to the sport for the opportunities still to come.

Caden Shannon
Safety / LB
6’0, 180lbs

Teams: Calgary Bulldogs Midget CBFA, Calgary Selects Bantam CBFA, Bishop Carroll High School Cardinals ASAA
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: None
Class: 2018



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