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*sighs* It’s 230 in the morning on October 31, 2010, I’m just chilling in my apartment packing up and reminiscing on the season and it all just hit me. It’s been three months of nothing but football, film, practice, working out, and just hanging out with the guys. Yesterday… our season ended, we lost to Laval in a big upset. Loosing is something that I can’t take, I’m a sore loser yea I’ll admit it I don’t care. I hate losing and when I lose it can actually ruin my day and even worse, how I treat certain people. I just take these things so serious. This season we have lost a few really close games, and there’s two games in particular that I take complete blame for. My inability to perform really hurt the team. It’s those kinds of things that make me hate losing even more. Even though I mess up, coaches still have faith in me and keep me there this makes me want to be perfect even more. When someone puts their trust in you, you can’t let them down. One mistake is bad but you can’t make the same mistake twice, which just means you haven’t learned. I try and get it right the first time, just like a pro would.

This season was my second season and overall I believe I got better which is what I wanted. But I still am not pleased with my performance. I disappointed myself on countless occasions, I had certain expectations and goals that I had wanted to achieve and I didn’t meet them. That’s just not acceptable in my books, I always strive for perfection in everything I do and anything less than that is not acceptable. As for what I’m up to now, I’m just looking forward to spring camp and next season. Next year is my third year and I want to get to the east west bowl, that’s what has got to be done. I have made an oath to myself to work harder than I ever have in my life this off season. I’m taking a week off to go home and relax and get things in order. I just need to get away from everything and when I come back its going to be nothing but hard work, hard work, and guess what else… hard work.

“Second season of football is in the books” I’m just letting that marinate… it flew by so fast. I still remember my first year like it was yesterday. I can still remember my feelings and thoughts precisely, crazy how life is being lived in the fast lane. “NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO BE YOUR 3RD YEAR!” now let that marinate… Lol sorry I just had to scream it because I actually don’t believe it. I’m going to be turning 20 in a month and I realized that I have to get more serious about life; I won’t be a teenager anymore. It seems that when you’re a child life goes by so slow, but now that I’m older everything is going by so fast that I can’t even keep up. Well that’s all for now ‘K-ROB’s Blogs’ will be coming out soon I should have some interesting footage this year, I’ll be working out with a few guys from the team should be interesting.

‘Make sure everything you do, you do in HD. Hard work and dedication.’ – Self quote

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