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2010 Team Canada alumnus Alex Black returns for second appearance at IFAF Worlds

As one of the most decorated players in the history of the Maritime Women’s Football League, Alex Black is a game changer. Her presence and talent made her an essential part of the Canadian contingent at the 2010 IFAF Women’s Worlds. During the 2010 Worlds, Black was the tournament’s leader on kickoff return yardage.

Heading into 2013, her experience placed her in the rare position of being one of only ten women that were repeat members of the Canadian contingent. With great acumen, her international experience provided her with the opportunity to teach some of the newer members of the team.

“I believe that I helped motivate and train some of the girls from New Brunswick who were new to the team this time. As for the 2013 team, I felt like contributed where I could, how I conducted myself in practices and games.

Hopefully, this was recognized as my leadership contribution. In some ways, being chosen to represent this team again, the coaching staff believed in me to fulfill the role they wanted me to play.”

Like many of the players on Team Canada, the comeback win against host-country Finland was a unique and defining moment. Facing a 12-6 deficit at halftime, Canada would display great character and teamwork by mounting a comeback that propelled them into the gold medal game.

“There was no doubt in my mind that we would not come out on top. It was a very fun game to play. They are a strong team and well coached.

We knew it would not be an easy win and they kept us checked in by leading at half. I did not have lack of faith in my teammates the entire tournament.”

Competing with the Fredericton-based Capital Area Lady Gladiators of the Maritime Women’s Football League, Black had the opportunity to share in the Team Canada experience with three other members of her team. Robyn Neill and Kristin “Shot” Chatterton both played on the team, while Lady Gladiators player/coach Cheryl O’Leary served as a mentor coach to Olivier Eddie on the Canadian contingent.

“Sharing this experience with my Lady Gladiators teammates was a great experience. It was awesome to see them contribute to the team and grow as athletes during the entire team Canada process. It was also nice to have them there because I feel we all brought a lot back with us to our hometown team.”

As one of the leaders for the Canadian team, she helped the team return to the gold medal game for the second consecutive time. For Black, the opportunity to compete in the most prestigious women’s football stage in the world was a validation of the effort and sacrifice that she has made over the years.

“I would say the biggest highlight of the tournament was playing in the gold medal game. It was such an exciting experience and I felt like my hard work paid off. I would have liked for a different outcome, but the Americans are a very talented and well-coached team and it showed on the field.”

“Another memorable experience from this trip was the close friends I made from around Canada. I am blessed to have shared the field with so many talented athletes and learn their personal stories.”

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