Shaw CFL top performers (OCT): Nichols, Bighill, Harris named

TORONTO — Matt Nichols, Adam Bighill and Trevor Harris were named the Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Month for October of the CFL’s 2018 season.

Performer of the Month for October includes all appearances from Week 17 through Week 20.

The three players were chosen by a panel of judges who independently send their selections to the CFL head office. The panel includes former Canadian Football League players Matt Dunigan and Duane Forde of TSN and Pierre Vercheval of RDS.


Quarterback Matt Nichols led the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to three victories this month, winning all of their games in October to secure a playoff berth; they’ll play on the road in the Western Semi-Final on November 11th.

Nichols completed 70.1% of his passes for 778 yards and six touchdowns in October, including three in the October 5th contest against the Ottawa REDBLACKS. He didn’t throw a single interception all month.

He threw for a season-high 358 yards last week against the Calgary Stampeders, throwing an average 10.8 yards per pass. Under Nichols’ leadership, the Blue Bombers are currently on a five-game win streak.

Nichols has 3,146 passing yards this season in 14 starts, fifth among all CFL quarterbacks. He has 18 passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He was named a Shaw CFL Top Performer of the Week for Week 20.


Linebacker Adam Bighill helped the Blue Bombers continue their end-of-season winning streak in October.

Bighill secured the third season of 100+ tackles of his career (2015, 2016 and 2018). He laid out 18 tackles in October’s three games, including three quarterback sacks.

He also forced three fumbles last month, helping the Blue Bombers capitalize on offence and keep their momentum. He collected one forced fumble in each October game to bring his 2018 total to four, good to lead all defensive players.

Bighill is third overall in the CFL with 104 defensive tackles. He also has four sacks, two interceptions, one touchdown and one special teams tackle. He was named a Shaw CFL Top Performer of the Week for Weeks 4, 9 and 18.


Trevor Harris had two games of 300+ passing yards in October. He also scored eight passing touchdowns and threw just one interception to lead the Ottawa REDBLACKS to two wins last month and their third East Division title in four years.

Week 20’s game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats helped Harris elevate his total passing yards to 1248 in October, achieving his first career season of 5000+ yards. He also threw three touchdown passes in the contest – he also threw three TDs during the REDBLACKS’ Week 17 game against Winnipeg, a game Ottawa lost in overtime.

Harris is first in the league with 431 completions in 615 attempts. He also ranks third with 5,116 yards and fourth in touchdowns with 22. Three of his receivers – Brad Sinopoli, Greg Ellingson and Diontae Spencer – are in the top seven in receiving yards.

Harris was named a Shaw CFL Top Performer of the Week for Weeks 6, 9 and 19







2018 Points Total

Points Breakdown
1st place points 2nd place points 3rd place points Fan Choice Points Monthly Points
1 Mike Reilly 625 300 50 25 250
2 Jeremiah Masoli 435 100 25 10 200
3 Adam Bighill 380 200 50 30 100
4 Andrew Harris 345 100 25 20 200
T-5 Kamar Jorden 300 100 200
T-5 Matt Nichols 300 100 200
T-5 Duke Williams 300 100 50 150
T-8 Charleston Hughes 210 100 10 100
T-8 Bo Levi Mitchell 210 200 10
T-8 Lewis Ward 210 100 50 10 50
T-11 Trevor Harris 200 100 50 50
T-11 William Powell 200 100 100
13 Zach Collaros 160 100 50 10
14 Brad Sinopoli 150 100 50
15 Brandon Banks 145 100 25 20
16 McLeod Bethel-Thompson 110 100 10
T-17 CJ Gable 100 100
T-17 Willie Jefferson 100 100
T-17 DeVier Posey 100 100
T-20 Kevin Fogg 60 50 10
T-20 Chris Streveler 60 50 10
T-22 Davon Coleman 50 50
T-22 Jonathon Jennings 50 50
T-22 Travis Lulay 50 50
T-22 Nick Marshall 50 50
T-22 Bryant Mitchell 50 50
T-22 Anthony Orange 50 50
T-22 Diontae Spencer 50 50
T-29 Reggie Begelton 35 23 10
T-29 Micah Johnson 35 25 10
T-29 Jovan Santos-Knox 35 25 10
T-29 Jordan Williams-Lambert 35 25 10
T-33 Boris Bede 25 25
T-33 John Bowman 25 25
T-33 Bryan Burnham 25 25
T-33 Ja’Gared Davis 25 25
T-33 SJ Green 25 25
T-33 Chris Rainey 25 25
T-33 Luke Tasker 25 25
T-33 Don Unamba 25 25
T-33 Derel Walker 25 25
T-33 James Wilder Jr. 25 25



Week 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Charleston Hughes (SSK)* Mike Reilly (EDM) Derel Walker (EDM)
2 Bo Levi Mitchell (CGY) Chris Streveler (WPG)* Jeremiah Masoli (HAM)
3 CJ Gable (EDM) Jeremiah Masoli (HAM)* Boris Bede (MTL)
4 Adam Bighill (WPG)* Brad Sinopoli (OTT) James Wilder Jr. (TOR)
5 D’haquille Williams (EDM) Travis Lulay (BC) Micah Johnson (CGY)*
6 Andrew Harris (WPG)* Brad Sinopoli (OTT) Trevor Harris (OTT)
7 Mike Reilly (EDM) Lewis Ward (OTT) Jovan Santos-Knox (WPG)*
8 McLeod Bethel-Thompson (TOR)* Kamar Jorden (CGY) SJ Green (TOR)
9 Trevor Harris (OTT) Adam Bighill (WPG)* Chris Rainey (BC)
10 Mike Reilly (EDM) Nick Marshall (SSK) Jordan Williams-Lambert (SSK)*
11 Bo Levi Mitchell (CGY)* Kamar Jorden (CGY) Ja’Gared Davis (CGY)
12 Brandon Banks (HAM)* Jeremiah Masoli (HAM) Luke Tasker (HAM)
13 Mike Reilly (EDM) D’haquille Williams (EDM) Brandon Banks (HAM)*
14 William Powell (OTT) Anthony Orange (BC) Reggie Begelton (CGY)*
15 Lewis Ward (OTT)* Jonathon Jennings (BC) Bryan Burnham (BC)
16 Zach Collaros (SSK) Kevin Fogg (WPG)* Don Unamba (HAM)
17 Willie Jefferson (SSK) Davon Coleman (BC) Andrew Harris (WPG)*
18 Adam Bighill (WPG)* Bryant Mitchell (EDM) Mike Reilly (EDM)
19 DeVier Posey (BC) Zach Collaros (SSK)* Trevor Harris (OTT)
20 Matt Nichols (WPG) Diontae Spencer (OTT) John Bowman (MTL)



Month 1st 2nd 3rd
June Mike Reilly (EDM) Jeremiah Masoli (HAM) D’haquille Williams (EDM)
July Andrew Harris (WPG) D’haquille Williams (EDM) Brad Sinopoli (OTT)
August Kamar Jorden (CGY) Charleston Hughes (SSK) Mike Reilly (EDM)
September Jeremiah Masoli (HAM) William Powell (OTT) Lewis Ward (OTT)
October Matt Nichols (WPG) Adam Bighill (WPG) Trevor Harris (OTT)



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