Shin holds the centre of the line

Daniel Shin


6’4”ft. 240lbs

Edmonton Mustangs Bantam SWEMFA

Edmonton Chargers Midget CDMFA

ABC Current Stars 2016 NSMF

Team Alberta U16 FCCUP

Strathacona Lords High School ASAA


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Ability to move around is a great line of defense and offense on the field of football.

Holding a team together would be someone like a strong sturdy center. And that is the position that this young man currently holds with his Strathcona Lords High School team. But over the last few years of experience between the Edmonton Mustangs and the Edmonton Charger he learned to hold his own on any of the front o-line and d-line positions. And it doesn’t end there, Daniel was given the opportunity to show is stuff making it onto the ABC 2016 Current Stars team and Team Alberta U16.


For the future in front of this young gentleman, Daniel has not made any decisions as to schools that have already talked to him. He would like to proceed into a CIS school but really his aspirations are to potentially end up in a school that would offer Geotechnical Engineering. There have been some discussion with some Post-Secondary schools and there is a lot of interest in each, but there is no pre-cut determination as to which school for now.

True inspirations are the family behind the scenes and Daniel knows how that can make you a stronger player on and off the field. “I am lucky to have the support of my family.” And on a personal note, he looks up to Cam Newton of the Caroline Panthers; “ He can have so much fun while playing football and makes others look up to him without even trying.”  With the support and the role model is isn’t really surprising that he is grounded in his positions trying to get his team to succeed.

Daniel Shin 2

Daniel also enjoys spending his time playing Rugby too. The two sports are quite intertwined into each other and have many similarities. “I also play Team Alberta Rugby and enjoy it as much as football.”  And between the 2 sports he is always giving 100%, Daniel will not settle for %99. Training every day and always pushing him to be the best he can be.

“Any Highlight of a season is the team you get to play with. The better the team Chemistry the better the team!”

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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