Shock and awe

Ontario Prospect Challenge follow-up profile: Etinosa “Ente” Eguavoen


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Height/Weight: 6’0”, 180 Ibs
Teams: Holy Trinity
Commitment: N/A
Official visits: N/A
Consideration: Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier, St. Francis Xavier, Toronto, York, Open
Class: 2015

There are few who can be the best on the back of raw talent alone. It takes hard work.

Etinosa “Ente” Eguavoen knows this and he’s doing everything he can to work hard and develop his skills beyond those that were given to him.

After taking part in this year’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC), a series of camps and games bringing together elite young football players of all levels, Eguavoen is trying to do the little things right in order to separate himself from the competition.

Something that stood out from the OPC, Eguavoen says, is that “there’s always room for improvement.”

It was route running that Eguavoen most noticed he needed to work on but there are areas in all aspects of life that he is trying to fine tune, from eating right, to sleeping right, to lifting right and to watching film.

It’s evident Eguavoen’s got a knack for spotting talent too, noting that in watching other people he doesn’t just try to model his game after any one player, but instead tries to take bits and pieces from different players and incorporate them into his game.

He points to the way in which St. Louis Rams offensive specialist Tavon Martin can read the open field as the reason for which the young star has excelled in the NFL.

He points to Calvin Johnson’s positioning as the reason he is so adept at winning jump balls.

These are the little things that separate them from their peers, and they’re serving as motivation for a clearly intelligent – and motivated – young Ontario high school football player.

If he can work on the everyday aspects of being an elite athlete, Eguavoen is confident his on-field improvements will come naturally.

If he can continue to work hard and improve, Eguavoen hopes to return to next year’s OPC, this time with his eyes set on an award and more of a leadership role.

“My goal is to be the best player there,” he says, adamant that he plans on “shocking” coaches with big plays.

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