Some of the most attractive domestic leagues in Canadian Football

Canadian football might not be as popular as American football. This might be due to marketing and the fact that American football is better known on a global scale to the general population in comparison with Canadian football. Another reason might be that, even though the 2 sports are very similar, there are some slight differences.

At the same time, for the general sports fan, American football is a bit more accessible, while Canadian football is destined to a more exclusive public. Nevertheless, Canadian football does have some pretty attractive domestic leagues with a high level of competition and a nice sports show.

What Canadian football leagues to watch?

For obvious reasons, the best place to look for some great Canadian football competition is Canada. First of all, there are no international competitions for Canadian football, but this doesn’t mean that the sport doesn’t provide a nice show for its fans at different levels, from the main league to the junior competitions.

Football Canada Cup

The Football Canada Cup is the country’s pre-national university tournament which gathers provincial football teams to compete for the championship. This competition is destined for football players under the age of 18.

It started out in 1995 and it represents one of the main gateway for junior players to start off and even make a name for themselves into a professional career in Canadian Football. The tournament’s main goal is to promote youngsters and provide them with a healthy, organized and fun environment to help their development in Canadian football.

Canadian flag football league

This one the most recently established competitions, dating since 2019 and it’s destined for adult players. The competition manages to integrate flag leagues into one national structure in order to make the best ones around the country to compete against each other.

The best two teams in all 3 Regional Championships (Eastern, Central and Western) will qualify for the Canadian Flag Football League (CFFL) where they determine the national champion.

Another interesting fact is that the CFFL is also comprised of 3 divisions: Male, Female and Mixed.

Six Nations Challenge

The Six Nations Challenge is a tournament that focuses on smaller teams, which each of them having only 6 players. This competitions focuses on players, allowing them to show their skills in Canadian football and brings together juniors, aboriginal communities and other teams that want to enjoy the sport on a lower, but interesting level.


For Canadian football fans, these leagues can bring up their interest and sites like Play Crypto allow them to enjoy the game from a better’s point of view.

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