Spartan ready to dive into recruitment


Nicholas Beals just started his football career when he began playing last year with the Dartmouth Spartans in the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation Football League (NSSAFFL).

To improve for next season the Spartan wants to improve on his speed and size, as they are always something he tries to stay on top of.

“For my size, I come off as a bit on the shorter size but I pack a punch,” said Nicholas. “I try not to let it get to my head though, you always wanna be the bigger guy on the field and not let anyone overcome you.”

In the summer, he does lots of agility and physical work with a friend of his who coaches. Nicholas also goes to the gym as much as possible to try to prepare and get ready for whoever else he will be lined up against on the field.

Beals 2

Last season did not bring very many highlights for the rookie, but he is sure there will be some this year. “As of now there hasn’t been a process of recruitment for me to go through, but I’m hoping of making moves relatively soon,” explained the Spartan. The linebacker has yet to have any university visits, but he would like to in the near future so he can decide which school he will pursue his next chapter at.

Additionally, Nicholas wants to get his bachelors degree in engineering, and continue on from there, but he also wants to be able to play football with intentions to be seen by scouts and maybe play for Team Nova Scotia or Canada.

The most influential people in his life are his girlfriend and teammates. “She’s always telling me how important it is for me to be at practice and to do my best to succeed,” commented Nicholas. “And for my teammates, they were all very helpful when I needed help my first year and even now.”

The biggest players who play a role in his football career and push him forward is his older cousin, Kishawn Pye, who told him to try out for the team last year. Now he is a great mentor and is very supportive. Another person who plays a roll in Nicholas’ performance is Lourenz Bowers.

“Just telling me how I should be ready to put myself on the line, to show the viewers what I’m worth and just guiding me through,” added Nicholas.



Nicholas Beals
5’8”, 175lbs

Team: Dartmouth Spartans (NSSAFFL)
Commitment: None
Official Visits:  None
Considerations: St. Francis Xavier, open
Class: 2018




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