Specialist Derek Giacobbi; “The only way to easy street goes through the sewers”

It’s not often you hear of kids who hold down a part-time job, go to school, play sports, and still be a teenager. For this kicker, Derek Giacobbi, he has big aspirations and is working towards achieving them.

The Nepean Eagle has been playing for five years now and was named the Game MVP for the Eagles B Cup Final in 2017, as well as being awarded Special Teams Player of the Year award for 2018 with the Ottawa Sooners JV squad. 

It’s a good thing he loved watching football on TV, as that is what started this young player on the football path and is now a very important part of his life. He mentions that being a great teammate is also very important.

Getting along with everyone and showing respect towards my teammates and coaches at all times. This has always been very important to me,” he said. 

As a specialist, Giacobbi says that onside kicks are his favourite play and that he gets extreme satisfaction when he is successful with his other kicks. “The satisfaction of helping my team and the excitement of seeing the ball go through the uprights,” he explained.

It’s no wonder that he models his game after NFL kicker for the Seattle Seahawks, Sebastian Janikowski, who had tied the previous NFL record for the longest field goal at 63 yards in 2011 that was later broken in 2013.

Giacobbi says that his athleticism and specialized skill give him the edge over other players in his position and recalls kicking a game winning field goal for his team. “Kicking a game-winning 39 yard field goal in overtime for the Ottawa Sooners,” he said is one of his most memorable team experiences to date. He realizes that he needs to continue to work on his power in order to keep advancing in his craft. 

The only way to easy street goes through the sewers,” he said and it’s a saying that motivates him regularly. 

For the future, this young kicker aspires to become a Police officer after getting his Criminology degree while playing football.

“My top choices are Carleton University, Ottawa University or possibly another University in the Ontario/Quebec Region based on their academic and football programs,” he commented. He goes on to say that specializing in an academic field and playing football at a very high level is what he is looking for.

He is working part-time now in order to achieve this goal later and knows that a lot of hard work is still to be done if he is going to be successful. “I have to be prepared to invest significant time and effort into my studies and athletic career in order to succeed,” he said. 

Investing in his studies and athletics is what Giacobbi is prepared to do at the next level. He also says that he will be working out in the off-season to improve his physicality and skill.

He will have his kicking coach and his Dad to assist him with this as they have been instrumental in his success so far.

My kicking coach and my dad. Both are very committed to my development and helping me get to the next level,” he said. 

Helping players get to the next level is something that CFC attempts to facilitate by promoting them and holding events that get them the exposure they need. The CFC Prospect Game on TSN is one of these events and one that Giacobbi is excited for. “I was very excited. I registered for tryouts the same day,” he said. “Having the opportunity to showcase myself nation-wide would be a wonderful opportunity. I think the experience would be very helpful to expose me to University coaches and programs outside of the Ottawa area.”

We have no doubt that this isn’t the last you’ll hear the name Derek Giacobbi as his position is unique and the good ones never go unnoticed.

Derek Giacobbi (#28/7)
Ht/Wt: 5’10/160
Teams: Ottawa Sooners JV (OPFL) and Nepean Eagles (NCAFA)  
Class: 2020

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