The best half time shows at the Grey Cup

With the 108th Grey Cup rapidly approaching, there will soon be millions of Canadians gathering to watch the action. No matter what the result, everyone can be sure of some great entertainment. Even if the game doesn’t go their way, the fans still have the halftime entertainment to look forward to.


Back in the 80s, the Grey Cup halftime was all about marching bands. That all changed and now it is the norm to see some of the biggest acts of all time taking centre stage and providing the entertainment. According to Betway Insider, fans have the rock group Arkells to look forward to this time around, but what have been the best acts so far? Let’s take a look:


2017 – Shania Twain


It is almost unheard of for anyone to perform at more than one Grey Cup, but that is exactly what Shania Twain has done. Her 2017 performance showed us all why just why she is considered to be Canadian royalty. While the game saw the underdogs triumph, it was Twain that stole more than just a little of the limelight.


There are fond memories of Twain’s first appearance too. It is unlikely that her entrance in the snow on a dog sledge is ever going to be forgotten. Twain really has been one the best performers that the Grey Cup has ever seen.


2012 – An amazing mix


The Grey Cup will usually settle on one real star performer alongside some impressive support acts. The 100th Grey Cup in 2012 was a little different. Clearly, the 100th Cup game was a big deal and so the boat was pushed out to ensure that the entertainment was second to none. The stage was taken over by Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mariana Trench, and Gordon Lightfoot.


Although Bieber may have struggled to win over the crowd (being subjected to numerous boos!) the rest of the performers gave a halftime to remember with some truly amazing performances.


2018 – Alessia Cara


At the time Alessia Cara was seen as an emerging Canadian star. When looking at giving the very best in halftime entertainment, some may have viewed her as being a slight risk. Anyone with those thoughts was quickly proven wrong. Cara impressed all with a stunning 15-minute medley.


The performance was topped off with spectacular fireworks and a stunning drum line. Rave reviews followed and it is fair to say that the Grey Cup race Cara a healthy push in her career.


2016 – One Republic


With a couple of hundred dancers all in LED jackets it would be wrong to leave the One Republic performance from any list considering the best Grey Cup halftime entertainment. It wasn’t all about a flash visual spectacular – the music was pretty impressive too!


Fans were treated to greats such as Counting Stars, Let’s Hurt Tonight, and Love Runs out. As well as providing great entertainment for those in the stadium, TV audiences went wild for what they got to witness from the comfort of their homes.

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