The Canadian Football League Facts You Must Be Aware Of

The Canadian Football League is a distinctive kind of football with several features in common with the NFL and others that make it stand out from other leagues. The CFL, Canada’s top football league, was founded in 1958. The Grey Cup is presently contested by 9 clubs in the league. The West and East groups make up the football league. The defending Grey Cup winners are the Ottawa Redblacks.


Facts About Canadian Football League


Special Rules

In contrast to the NFL, the Canadian Football League has some special regulations. For instance, the Canadian Football League only utilizes three downs as opposed to the customary four. The CFL needs 12 players on the field, as opposed to the standard 11 guys seen in the NFL. Another unique aspect of the football pitch is its vastness, which is unequaled elsewhere. The field is 65 yards in width and 110 yards in length. The NFL requires an end zone to be 10 yards deep, yet the end zone in the NFL is 20 yards deep. The scoring methodology is one similarity.


Field goals still only count for three points, but touchdowns still have a six-point value. Although both teams have identical scoring, the CFL has a unique one-point touchdown that recognizes kickoffs that hit the middle of the field without being touched. Overall, these rule modifications distinguish the CFL and give football a distinctive character.




Aside from the modified rules, the CFL pays its players substantially less than the NFL. For instance, the CFL salary cap is $5.15 million for each club. Contrarily, the NFL wage cap is $167 million. Many football players who didn’t make it to the NFL can continue playing in the CFL despite the huge financial disparity between both leagues.


Dynamic Design

There is no other league in the world that delivers the exciting style of play as the CFL does. Players have more flexibility on the bigger field, which leads to explosive plays all game long. Teams may operate more from the shotgun formation and play an entertaining style of football when there are three downs available to them. This allows teams to concentrate mostly on passing. You can tell that the CFL is a vibrant league that provides a different kind of football.



Four Downs

The three downs rule is one of the reasons why analysts think the CFL is superior to the NFL. To take advantage of every chance, CFL players need to be speedy on the offensive side of the ball.

This often requires players to pass the ball well rather than making dangerous actions with poor odds of success. Each team has four downs in the NFL. Additionally, they are not required to stay one yard away from the line of action, which frequently confuses them.



CFL Betting

Canada approved single-sports betting last year, enabling any football fan to bet on individual games rather than small bets. Canada thinks that allowing single-wager betting will result in the same excitement and profits as US jurisdictions that allow sports betting do.


For instance, New Jersey earns $5 billion from internet gambling, of which $400 million in tax revenue. Additionally, legal mobile betting brings in millions of dollars each month for Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, and New York.


Several Canadians also use different platforms like bitcoin code to bet on CFL using crypto. Many others still choose to bet on football through foreign bookies since many provinces have not yet legalized mobile betting. Anyhow, all major sports are supported by international betting firms situated in Europe and South America.

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