The Canadian Football TV Deals: Will They Continue to Grow Domestically and in the US?

Whilst Canadian football has never been as notorious as its over-the-border counterpart, that’s not to say there still isn’t a sizable audience of dedicated fans. On the contrary; Canadian football is incredibly popular, and the numerous TV deals it has in place with the US serves as a glaring testament to this.


However, there has been some concern as of late throughout the Canadian football community – now that a renewal agreement is in the works, many are wondering whether or not this could bring catastrophe to the industry. Well, this is precisely what we are going to be discussing in this article. Fast forward and let’s take a look at whether or not Canadian football will continue to prosper both domestically and in the USA.


People Love Football

Football is virtually synonymous with America itself. People just love football, and whether it be on their own turf or across the border, people just cannot get enough. Canadian football is watched by both Americans and Canadians alike, and it is loved by millions of people around the globe. For such a sport to become virtually discontinued through media would be a tragedy to many, and it is likely that many would take to the web to voice their concerns.


Taking all of this into consideration; it is rather unlikely that Canadian football would be taken off the air. Not only is Canadian football not stagnating, but it is also growing every year, and all the signs point towards this being the case for the foreseeable future.


I mean, how would you feel if live casinos or any of your favorite casinos got taken off the web if you are a fan of gambling? What if Grand Theft Auto 5 got discontinued if you find yourself being more of a gamer? This is precisely how millions of people feel about Canadian football, and because of this demand, it is extremely unlikely that we will see anything but unprecedented growth within the industry throughout the next couple of years.




If Something Is Working, Why Change It?

Not only is Canadian football popular, but it is also incredibly lucrative for everyone involved. In fact, the last renewal deal cost the US a whopping $37 million, and this is more than enough evidence to show that Canadian football has a bright future ahead of it.


Canadian football’s US$37 million deal proves that the industry is moving in the right direction, and in reality, it would not come as a surprise to see the next renewal deal blow this figure out of the water. As long as things keep going in the direction they are heading and no alterations are made, it is safe to assume that Canadian football will continue to prosper both in the US and Canada for years to come, and we may even begin to see its popularity grow exponentially.


It is incredibly unlikely that we will see any major setbacks in this sector that could hinder its growth – there just aren’t too many moving cogs in this machine that could mess things up.


All-in-all, there is ultimately nothing to worry about if you happen to be a fan of Canadian football, and if you found yourself being amongst the people who feared its demise was waiting just around the corner, then you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Canadian football is popular both in Canada and the USA, and it has more than enough fans to continue thriving for the foreseeable future.


Have fun!

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