The End of a New Beginning

I am currently on my bus ride back home from my first year of university. As always the bus ride is a long six-hour drive, but this time around these six hours will weigh heavy on my mind because I have the opportunity to clear my thoughts a look back on these past eight months. This time is allowing me to reflect upon my expectations I had for the 2009 season and this school year. I would have to say that my first year overall was decent. Although there were a few rookie/first year mistakes I can now say that I have learned from them, and plan to move forward with my new awareness. Academically first semester was a big adjustment for me. The transition from 75-minute classes to 3-hour classes was not as bad as I expected, and I managed. Also the amount of reading I’ve had to do compared to high school was a drastic difference, but time spent in the library reading helped adjust to the changes. My first university football season was a mountain to climb. The level of play here in the “Q” (QUFL) was nothing like I first imagined it to be. The speed of the game is a lot faster than I’ve ever played, and a lot it faster than I expected. One thing I learned about playing here is speed is a great asset but it is also vital to be quick. The first four games of the season I never got to play on defense but I was able start returning on special teams. My first ever university football memory that I can look back on is the first ball I ever caught against Laval, I’ll never forget the feeling I had, a complete and totally rush of adrenaline, joy, and purpose. That first catch was the perfect catalyst to the rest of my university career. Watching from the sidelines the game seemed fast but playing in it was even faster. As soon as the ball is caught these guys are charging right in front of you it’s not like it used to be in high school and OVFL, its way faster. When I stepped on the field for defence for the first time in game five I had another revelation, the speed is crazy. The feeling that builds up is a great feeling. The experience also nothing what I expected, its way more of a faster tempo, and faster game pace than compared to anything I have played. All in all my first season was not to my liking too much, I made more mistakes than I would have liked to make, but I’m on the rebound now and I know what to expect and I’ll be more than ready.

In my second semester I made drastic changes, and fixed certain things around with the knowledge I gained I from the first semester. I realized that I can play in this league but I just wasn’t ready like I first thought I was. Second semester I also attended my first spring camp as you can read from my first few blogs. While in training camp I was more confident because I had my first season playing under my belt. After camp had finished I started a big list of goals for myself to meet for my 2010 summer. My motto is “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, but I have a list of things to attain these goals. Physical goals I have set for myself are to come back in August tipping the scales at 180lb, 13 times on the 225lb bench, 35 inches on the vertical, a low 4.5 electric, and 4.0 something on my shuttle. I am currently at 174lb, 8 times on the 225lb bench,32 on the vertical, I ran a 4.6 electric back in August, as well as a 4.12 on the shuttle. I believe my goals are attainable for August and I am willing to put in the work to achieve my goals. On the field I want to play with more confidence, as well as acquire a starting position in the defence. With my goals I have set in mind I believe that I can do this. My summer is going to be a promising one, one that will consist of hard work, dedication, and discipline.

More blogs to come summer 2010…

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