The Road South!

This is my First Blog. So bare with me and feel free to tell me what you think. Any recommendations welcome!

The road down south started just as any other Canadian kid with a dream to play NCAA football. One problem we have as Canadian’s is getting the exposure. Its not that we can’t play with the level of ball down south, its that getting noticed is the hardest part. The process over the last couple years has gotten alot better with the help of people and websites such as and other scouting agencies. Alot of people say” if you want it bad enough, you will get it”. I do agree with this 100% but with help and support it is alot easier.

The key to getting noticed is gathering as much film of your self as you can. Make a highlight tape and just send it out to every school around. Get to know people around the football community, sometimes it’s not what you know its who you know. Secondly take the S.A.T. No american school can legally talk to you in terms of the recruiting process if you haven’t taken the test. (I.E Scholarship Offers).

As a player chasing the dream. I moved to Florida my senior year to play football in hopes of a D-1 Scholarship. I slowly learned and took in the recruiting process. Its not as great as everybody thinks! I had all the credentials of going to a “HUGE” school. The size 6’5 290, the honors and the support. My senior year i played for Largo High School and went 13-1, losing in the state semi-finals to the team that later won the state championship. The recruiting process was coming on fast and signing day was coming close. I had not any Verbal or Written offers as of yet. The process was taking it’s toll. I had only film of my senior season. So I was already late in the recruiting process as they considered it in Florida. 38 college coaches had watched my film. and still no offers. After talking to coaches from schools like Nebraska(Bo Pelini), South Florida(Jim Leveitt) and hand written letters from Texas (Mack Brown)…still nothing.

In the end I had a few choices. I had Eastern Kentucky, Jacksonville University, Fork Union Academy and a few others. I chose to pass on a prep year of football at Fork Union and attend Jacksonville University on a Football Scholarship. There was times I wished i played infront of 50,000+ every week, then theres times I wouldn’t rather be than where I am. Jacksonville University is a D-1 AA program (FCS). My freshman year we won the PFL champioship (Pioneer Football Leauge). Not many people can say they have won an NCAA Championship ring.

My main point is, If you want to get to where your dreams are. Your going to have to work for it. It’s going to take the blood, sweat and tears just like every football player gives…plus more. But as a Canadian player who went through the process it can be done, as many others keep doing. Its a great experiance.

Chase the dream and suceed!



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