Third Year? Oh man!

I know I don’t blog as much and I apologize but I’ve very busy this summer.
This summer has by far been one of the most influential. A lot has happened, a lot in the sense of maturing as a person. Things are starting to get REAL. This is another year in which I need to just focus on what needs to get done. I remember my first year of university I thought 4 years were gunna go by so slow. But just like high school its FLYING by. I’m going into my third year and I have a lot of things to do and I have a lot to prove, not only myself but my teammates, and coaches. I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done in the past two years and I need to make this year a memorable one.

This year we have some talented recruits and I’m honestly looking forward to playing with these guys. Camp is going to be extremely competitive. We’re going to have more bodies than I’ve ever seen at my time at Concordia. So every rep has got to count. I’m ready and I know my team is ready. Everyone is pumped and plans to step onto the field with the mentality of wanting to improve this season.

As for me my training this summer has been amazing. I feel as though the benchmarks that I placed for myself were met. I got bigger, faster, stronger, which is always a goal of mine. I’m determined that this year will be another year of progress and growth. Im excited to play, I understand the game a lot better and I plan to play with a lot more confidence than I have been in the past 2 seasons. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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