Toronto Varsity Blues – How was it formed?

The first football club at Toronto University. How was it formed?

Toronto Varsity Blues is the football team that was formed at Toronto University in 1877. To specify, this university has the whole intercollegiate sports program. Thus, there are different teams and each of them is focused on one particular sport.

To begin with, it is important to highlight that the team plays in U Sports league and has already won lots of tournaments. It is not surprising as Canadian government takes the development of school sport very seriously. That is one of the reasons why college and university teams are able to demonstrate such great results.

Even though the team has won Vanier Cups, Yates Cups, Atlantic Bowls, Grey Cups and Churchill Bowls during their rich history, it has not had a lot of success in the recent years. Perhaps, the root of the problem lies in the decline of college football not only in Canada, but also all over the world. The thing is that students do not have a lot of time. They barely manage to complete all their academic tasks on time, not to mention taking part in other school activities such as college sports.

In order to remedy the situation and play better in the next season, Toronto Varsity Blues has hired a new offensive coordinator. His name is Irv Daymond. He had been an offensive line coach at Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks for six years before starting to work at Toronto Varsity Blues. The 2019 season starts on August, 25 for Toronto Varsity Blues. The team will play against Waterloo Warriors.

Speaking about Toronto Varsity Blues sports program, it has teams that compete within such kinds of sports as: field hockey, baseball, figure skating, swimming, basketball, lacrosse, ice hockey, tennis, water polo, golf, cross country running, rugby, badminton, curling, track and field, fencing, soccer, wresting, squash, volleyball and some others. All in all, there are 43 teams.

The most common problem the majority of students face when they play for a college team is the lack of time for studies. Even if a student has got a sports scholarship, it does not mean that they will not have to submit their assignments and pass tests. The only difference is that academic requirements are a bit lower for students who have got in on an athletic scholarship. Allocating all your free time on training quite often means not being able to deal with paper writing assignments. Students need to demonstrate that they have got their sports scholarship for a reason. Thus, showing the best results and doing everything they can to help their team win is obviously the main priority for a student who has got the chance to study at a certain educational institution due to an athletic scholarship.

Even if a student has superb athletic skills, they still need to do at least the bare minimum to pass all their exams and avoid dropping out. One will not be let off the hook even if they have been helping their team win for a few years in a row. Academic results are as important as sports results. Therefore, it is not surprising why so many students are worried they might drop out because of their poor grades.

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