Types of Betting Markets and Tools for CFL Fans

There are several types of betting markets and tools for CFL fans and you can discover the best of these in the article below. Having a good understanding of CFL betting lines and odds is crucial if you want to make winning bets and that begins with the points spread betting market.

The points spread is perhaps the most common of all the CFL betting markets and involves predicting the winning margin of the successful team over the losing team. For example, the opening game of the 2021 CFL season is between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The spread could be -3 for the Tiger-Cats and +3 for the Blue Bombers, with both available at the same or different odds. That means, the Tiger-Cats must win the game by at least 3 points for a bet on them to be successful at the sportsbook. The Blue Bombers are the underdog and if you have a wager on them at -3 in the points spread, they must close the points gap to within 3 points or win the game for the bet to be successful.

The money line is another popular CFL betting market and is the easiest to understand. The money line is simply choosing the team you think is going to win the game. However, in the CFL nothing is guaranteed and it is not always a case of picking the favorite as any team can win on a given day. Over and under wagers are also a good CFL betting market and this involves predicting if the combined points total for the game will be over or under a specified number provided by the sportsbook.

Asian handicap betting is an interesting way to bet on the CFL. Teams are handicapped according to their form and the Asian handicap also eliminates the possibility of a draw. There are often many handicap lines on a CFL game and by using a Asian handicap chart, it will help you to determine the outcomes and the possible profits for each line. The Asian handicap chart is just one of the betting tools available for CFL fans and we recommend you take advantage of all the tools available when having a wager on CFL games.

For those who are new to CFL betting, the odds can look confusing and that is where a betting calculator comes into play. This online betting tool helps to figure out the potential profit or loss from a particular bet using specific odds, betting market, and the amount bet. Using a betting calculator avoids any confusion when betting on the CFL.

Statistics and team news plays a huge role in CFL betting. You should never just a pick a team to back on a hunch and hope for the best, especially if you are hoping to make a long term profit. There are many websites which are free to use and they provide form guides, team, and player stats plus injury news ahead of games. Using this information is perhaps the best tool when betting for CFL fans.


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