U Sports recruiting analysis (RSEQ): New head coach, big personality, Vert et Or looks to close gap

Over the next several weeks, we will be reviewing the U Sports team’s 2017 class in order to better assess all the recruiting madness.

Whenever there is a complete overhaul of a coaching staff, you would expect that little gets done on the recruiting front. New head coach, Mathieu Lecompte, has obviously made an effort to not let that happen as he has signed 30+ recruits in a limited time which even includes Sherbrooke going down south looking for recruits.

Other then that new dynamic, this is very much your typical Sherbrooke recruiting class which includes many AA Cegep prospects with a handful of AAA prospects who were either not profiled or could have been a backups. Under the difficult circumstances, the new staff of the Vert et Or have done the best they could for this upcoming season.

Class Analysis

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