UBC welcomes CFC100, CFC60 to team

UBC adds two ranked players to their team.

CFC100 Kaine Stevenson-D’Agnolo, a receiver from the Westshore Rebels (CJFL), and CFC60 Farbod Adivi, a tight end from Dakota College, are set for a new adventure with the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds.

CFC100 Kaine Stevenson-D’Agnolo

Kaine Stevenson-D’Agnolo may be from Windsor, Ontario, but he has spent some time out west and is looking to stay. “(UBC) showed lots (of) interest in me. (When I) went on a visit and met with the coaches and saw the campus, I felt there was a lot of opportunity for me at UBC,” he said.

“Great coaching staff backing Head Coach Nill, lots of smart coaches,” added the potential business or economics student.

Stevenson-D’Agnolo has racked up many awards in his seven-year career. He spent five years with the W.F. Herman Green Griffins (WECSSAA) and two with the Westshore Rebels. He is an all-Canadian and a three-time all-city player. He is a three-time OFSAA champion, three-time honour roll student and a five-time WECSSAA champion. In 2012 he was rookie of the year. The following year he was athlete of the year and an MVP in both basketball and football. In 2014 and 2015 he was an all-conference player.

The 6’0, 215lbs slotback and running back was a Great Lakes Michigan Elite 7v7 champion and offensive MVP in 2015. He also was named to the 2nd-team as a wide receiver for the 2015 Midwest Elite Regional 7v7 tournament.

CFC60 Farbod Adivi

Farbod Adivi won’t be moving out to Vancouver, BC, all alone. “My mom recently moved out there from Toronto,” Adivi said. “I also felt the love from all the players and coaches. They welcomed me and I felt like I was already a part of the squad and attending UBC although I hadn’t committed.”

While playing down south, Adivi lived in a college town of about 2,000 people. UBC will be much different. “The school is also very beautiful and it’s in a big city,” he said.

Adivi is very impressed with the coaches, who he calls amazing. “From Head Coach Nill to the strength coach, everyone knew what they were talking about and I didn’t feel like I was just being fed lies,” Adivi said. “The coaching staff was also very welcoming and respectful as well.”

When Adivi spoke with Nill, he said he told the coach he wants to play pro football. “He told me that it will be absolutely possible as long as we work together and have a plan, which was a huge deal breaker for me considering his prestigious career and his amazing record as a football coach,” Adivi said.

Currently, Adivi is unsure as to what program he will be taking. He said he has a lot of interests from fashion design to music engineering and production to architecture.

At a towering 6’6, 290lbs, Adivi calls Toronto, Ontario, home. He played with the Toronto Jr. Argos (OFC) and the Huron Heights Warriors (YRAA) before joining Dakota College at Bottineau (JUCO).

“I’m very confident in UBC and Coach Nill,” Adivi said. “What UBC has going on is probably the closet thing to D1 football in Canada. Can’t wait to join and be a part of the greatness and win a Vanier.”

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