UTTLEY’S Top Prospects: The killer bee’s

What type of player plays in the secondary? Young men who excel at man coverage, zone coverage, some are exclusively safetys or corners, some have the ability to play every single position in the secondary, some are ball hawks, and one or two are hitters.

The DB top prospects that are listed here are extremely athletic. This group seems to have quite a few players who can effectively play man-to-man and zone concepts. What they don’t have is a lot of height or length; the tallest player is 5’11. However, when you are talking about defensive backs, 5’11 is a solid height.

Half the time in today’s game, most defensive back’s are shuffling and reading routes as most of the coverages being run down in the US right now, especially in college and high school are match concepts that were popular in Canada about ten years ago. Not very often do you see a corner get up into a tight press position and play straight up, press-man coverage like in the old days.

These top defensive back prospects are in no particular order.

*note – we will be featuring Quebec high school seniors in the upcoming CFC100 top prospect list, so you can expect to see more of these athletes on future lists.

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