Varsity Blues continue to grow 2017 class with 3 commits

The Varsity Blues have cast their net out towards eastern Ontario to snag their latest commits.

Go west, young man, but not too far west. David Maecker, a quarterback from Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic Secondary School, Spencer Goodfellow, a centre from Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School and Cisco Bower D’Cunha, an offensive lineman from La Salle Secondary School, have all committed to the Toronto Varsity Blues early last week.

David Maecker

David Maecker signing his LOI. Courtesy of David Maecker.

David Maecker signing his LOI. Courtesy of David Maecker.

Coming from Oshawa, Ontario, David Maecker is already familiar with the Greater Toronto Area. Not shy of the big city, he said the University of Toronto campus is great and that he was drawn to the academic reputation of the university. He said that when he visited the campus, he felt there was a great team atmosphere and he wanted to be a part of it.

“I know I could get the best education possible,” he said. He added that he also chose to commit to the Varsity Blues because from the start of the recruiting process, he felt very comfortable with the coaching staff.

“I knew I could learn a lot from them. I am excited to work with all of them. They were all honest and open with me during the recruiting process,” Maecker said. While he is unsure of the program he will be going into, he said he is interested in Humanities or Social Sciences.

David Maecker gets set to throw the ball. Courtesy of David Maecker.

David Maecker gets set to throw the ball. Courtesy of David Maecker.

Maecker will be bringing size to his position, standing at 6’4, 210lbs. He has played for the Oshawa Hawkeyes (OVFL), the Paul Dwyer Saints (Lake Ontario Secondary School Athletic Association), and the 2016 edition of Team Ontario in the Canada Cup. In 2016, he was an OVFL all-star and offensive MVP and he also won the Offensive MVP for Team Ontario in the Bronze Medal game.

“I want to thank my parents, coaches and teammates that have gotten me to this point,” Maecker said.

Spencer Goodfellow

Spencer Goodfellow (#66). Courtesy of Spencer Goodfellow.

Spencer Goodfellow (#66). Courtesy of Spencer Goodfellow.

Spencer Goodfellow will be travelling to the big city from Wolfe Island, a small island south of Kingston, Ontario. “Growing up in a small community, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a big city. It’s cheesy but the city of Toronto essentially sells itself,” he said.

“After my first visit I was in shock and awe for weeks over the stadium, training facilities, coaching staff and the city life. I had never felt quite such a comfortable sensation with something so new. I knew from early on in this recruiting process that I could easily see myself in blue,” he added.

The 6’0, 280lbs centre is also impressed with the university’s coaching staff, who he said are friendly, smart, caring and honest individuals. “I’m very excited to be working with a coaching staff that seems equally interested in me as I am them,” he added. He intends to go into kinesiology, though he is applying to other science programs.

During his career, he has played four seasons with the Kingston Grenadiers in the OVFL, one season with the Rideau Redblacks (National Capital Amateur Football Association), and four seasons with the Regiopolis-Notre Dame Panthers (Kingston Area Secondary Schools Athletic Association). In 2015, he was a member of Team East junior varsity at the Ontario Prospect Challenge. In 2014, he was awarded an lineman MVP with the Panthers. In 2013 and 2015, he was the Offensive Lineman of the Year with the Grenadiers. While he has never won a championship game, he has played in a championship game in every league he has been apart of.

Cisco Bower D’Cunha

Cisco Bower D'Cunha (#63) celebrates his championship win. Courtesy of CIsco Bower D'Cunha.

Cisco Bower D’Cunha (#63) celebrates his championship win. Courtesy of CIsco Bower D’Cunha.

Cisco Bower D’Cunha will also be moving from the middle-of-nowhere back to the great metropolis of Toronto for the upcoming university season. He is from Lyndhurst, Ontario, which is a small town north-east of Kingston.

“I actually was born in Toronto and lived there till I was 7 years old and so I have lots of family support in Toronto which is good to have when you’re ‘away from home,’” he said.

Standing at 6’8, 335lbs, the massive lineman will be bringing his size to the Varsity Blues after his time with the La Salle Black Knights (KASSAA). He said one of the reasons why he committed to the team was because the facilities are state-of-the-art with the new Goldring Centre and the Varsity Stadium with the CN Tower in the background.

“I’ve gotten the chance to meet with both Coach Gary and Coach Moore on several occasions. Coach Gary doesn’t only want to make us better football players but better men in life after we have graduated. I am very excited to have them as coaches and am looking forward to what lies ahead,” Bower D’Cunha added.

Cisco Bower D'Cunha (#63) sets up for the snap. Courtesy of Cisco Bower D'Cunha .

Cisco Bower D’Cunha (#63) sets up for the snap. Courtesy of Cisco Bower D’Cunha .

But it wasn’t only football that caught his eye. The fact that the university is one of the best in Canada and that it is ranked 16th globally had a huge influence on his decision said Bower D’Cunha. “Also I find that there is so much opportunity for future employment, more than anywhere else in Canada,” he added. He is interested in taking Kinesiology and then mastering in Physiotherapy.

“I have grown up with a mother and grandmother in nursing and grandpa in psychology. So I am interested in helping people with health issues but I want to take a different approach than my elders,” he said.

The young offensive tackle also plays with the Kingston Grenadiers. In 2015, he played with Team East in the Ontario Prospect Challenge. At the Top Recruit Football Combine in the May of 2016, he completed the 10-yard dash in 2.22 seconds and the shuffle in 5.59 seconds. In grade eleven, he played with the Rideau Redblacks.

In 2014, 2015, and 2016, he won a KASSAA championship with the Black Knights. In 2014, he helped his team win an Eastern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletics Association AAA championship and a National Capital Bowl Championship. In 2016, he was an OVFL conference champion with the Grenadiers. While the Grenadiers made the OVFL Championships, they didn’t capture the win. He was also an NCAFA A Finalist.



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