Warriors commits want to ‘make some waves’

Waterloo adds two Ontario commits to their 2019 class.

Kyle Dawdy, a defensive lineman from Waterford District High School, and Tristan Jameson, a defensive back from the Durham Dolphins (OPFL), are ready to be a part of an up-and-coming University of Waterloo Warriors.

Kyle Dawdy

Kyle Dawdy won’t be the first member of his high school to join the Warriors. He said his school has a history of signing with Waterloo. “So, I’ve always kept my eye out on it. But also, it has always stood out to me as a fantastic academic school and now more than ever a football program that’s on the rise, that I would love to be a part of and hopefully make some waves,” he added.

Being a multi-sport athlete himself, Dawdy understands the importance sports in general. He said that, “I noticed as well that it seems to be (that) all (the) sports programs at Waterloo are starting to climb and that’s something I believe is really nice to see when deciding on a university to go to, then you know that people actually care for their sports.”

Overall, Dawdy said what appealed to him was how much he could connect with the campus, students, and other players. He added that it really felt like a place he could fit in.

Dawdy is interested in the sports and leisure business program. “It is something that I believe I can see my self doing in the future and just really speaks to me compared to other courses,” he said.

Thinking on the coaches, the 6’1, 200lbs defensive end said the staff is fantastic. “For me, having coaches with the same heart and drive as me is a big thing and every single staff member I have met with has been on the exact same page or more so, which is absolutely awesome,” he said.

“These coaches know what they’re talking about and want to get just as much success out of me and the program as I do. These are the types of coaches and staff I want to play my absolute best for.”

Dawdy spent five years with the Waterford District Wolves (NSSAA) and three with the Brantford Bisons (OFC). The product of Waterford, Ontario, participated in the Top Prospects Elite Combine two years ago. He was a two-time defensive ‘player of the year’ for the Wolves’ in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, he was the Wolves’ MVP and ‘defensive lineman of the year’ for Bisons. That same year, he helped the Wolves to a championship off an 8-0 season.

Not confined to football, Dawdy was also a junior ‘athlete of the year’ in 2015. He is a two-time basketball MVP in 2015 and 2016. He won a senior basketball championship in 2017. As well, he is a four-time honour roll student.

“I believe I’m a good player no matter the sport with good drive and I never give up on any circumstance. I always be the best person I can be on and off the field,” Dawdy said. “I have a lot of love for my family, friends and coaches who have always supported me and pushed me because without them who knows where I would be.”

Tristan Jameson

When Tristan Jameson joins the Warriors, he knows what he is getting from the school. “The University of Waterloo provides a world-class education. I’ve visited the campus several times and fell in love with the grounds,” the future psychology student said.

“On the football side of things, I wanted to go to school that plays tough football, has great coaching and has solid players with a will to win. I believe Waterloo will become a powerhouse and I’m ready to join them on the journey.”

When Jameson attended Waterloo’s summer camp and watched some spring practices, he said he had a good idea about the coaches. “I love Head Coach Chris Bertoia and I’m excited to play for him as I think he’s great with the X’s and O’s but furthermore a real players coach,” he added.

“Across the board, the rest of coaches in my opinion are very knowledgeable. After walking through defensive schemes with the Darrel Adams, the defensive coordinator, I was confident I’d be successful, and the system will definitely set up big plays.”

Jameson is a multi-position athlete. Standing at 5’11, 200lbs, he has played as a running back, safety, kick returner, punt returner, kicker and punter. He has played with the Durham Dolphins (OPFL), the Ajax High School Rams (LOSSA) and the Lawrence Park Panthers (TDSAA). He also was an MVP running back in the Top Prospect Elite Combine Series.

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