Water-saving Shower Head features and benefits

It is said that a $30 worth of water-saving shower head will pay itself in 1 year via energy and water savings. This is a good thing especially if you consider the fact that the general public can use such shower heads to save water through modifying how they use it on a daily basis. You see, showers and drains are a common area where we lose water. Yet again, taking a cool nice shower is a necessity that we can't do without. It's like the air we breathe.

Now the question is, why exactly should you mind about a water-saving shower head? Will your efforts pay off when you take that step to order a piece from Amazon or from any other online retailer?

The overview

The EPA estimates that 30 gallons of free but expensive water go down the drain each day in a household. Because of this, the Federal government came up with a set of guidelines on how much water should be released by shower heads. The maximum flow rate per minute is 2.5 gallons. This must not be exceeded. But on the other hand, a shower head must be able to satisfy the user's showing needs as well as coverage requirements.

Modern shower heads are Watersense labeled, meaning they are able to preserve water within the restricted limit while still offering the satisfaction needed from an enjoyable shower. Technology has really changed. It's no longer about taking a 2.5 gallons per minute shower head and chocking it to somewhere between 2.0 and 1.75 gpm. This would create weak and chilly dead spots of water, not a good thing indeed!

Benefits and advantages of a modern water-saving shower head

Look into what several consumer reviews say online concerning these products. You will get a sense of where things are heading to. For instance, majority of consumers confess that they don't like traditional shower heads with a ring of drenching rain drops that have nothing in the middle. Neither do they like single or central jets in shower heads because they don't offer a complete and even coverage.

These are flaws that were associated with traditional shower heads, so you shouldn't encounter them if you invest in a modern unit that is Watersense-labeled.

Before a shower head can pass to a consumer, it has to pass the tough conditions set forth by Watersense. These include the spray intensity, i.e. how well the thing is good at rinsing soap and shampoo, or how the flow rate measures up to the pressure of the water. Watersense has also set the pressure limit to 80 psi to eliminate the needle-like feeling associated with traditional shower head water jets.

We also love the fact that the shower heads market is full of competition right now, and the more a product proves to perform, the better ratings it will garner. This is why most manufacturers are now experimenting with different technologies such as vacuum and air induction to come up with shower heads that emit larger droplets without sacrificing flow rate or the feeling associated with a low flow rate in a shower head. Therefore, if you invest in a decent shower head, you should be able to get all these benefits without paying a huge sum just to go green.


  • Ability to produce smaller water droplets despite increased volume
  • Flotel-grade structural quality for a good price
  • Chrome or solid plating to guarantee durability
  • Pressure-compensated vacuum flow dynamics

When these features are combined together in a shower head, you should be able to get a complete water-saving shower head that meets Federal standards will giving you the kind of satisfaction you need during your shower sessions.

The pros

  1. If you have a family of 3, a decent water saving shower head should be able to save you up to $50 in water/energy bills
  2. Modern day shower heads look good and also work great to keep you saving more
  3. They are maintenance free
  4. Can come with convenient features like water volume and pause-control buttons Cons

Take note that there are some expensive models that need you to pay an X amount of extra dollars to go green. These ones have the best features, but because of their price tag, many people shun them.


With such water-saving shower heads, there is no reason why you shouldn't go green. In fact, when you have one in place, you will save money and also the universe you're living in. It helps reduce your carbon footprint in the most creative way.

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