Waterloo County: District 8 All-Stars

Waterloo County senior football league MVP

Doug Shuh Memorial Award – Jared Beeksma, LB (Jacob Hespeler)

(feature photo credit: David Bebee, Record)

District 8 All-Stars

First team

Jody Brown, WR (SMHS)

Colin Conant, DB (SDCSS)

Liam Devitt, LB (RCSS)

Alex Douglas, QB (SBCSS)

Justin Henderson, QB (SDCSS)

CFC100 Jack Hinsperger, LB (RCSS)

Jamu Iluya, SB (RCSS)

Daire Newbrough, WR (SDCSS)

Noah Ross, DL (SMHS)

Graham Sheppard, RB (SBCSS)

Nick Stainsby, DB (SBCSS)

Daniel Stirling (SDCSS)


Second team

Parker Boyd, OL (RCSS)

Josh Cumber, DB (SBCSS)

Nathan Hehn, WR (SBCSS)

Josh Nikolic, WR (SBCSS)

Brendan Nott, LB (SBCSS)

Michael Perak, OL/DL (RCSS)

Alex Pigozzo, OL (RCSS)

Matthew Przbylowski, LB (SMHS)

Michael Sichewski, DL (SMHS)

Adrian Turner, RB (SMHS)

CFC100 Riley VanDeHogan, OL (SDCSS)

Cory Watson, DB (SMHS)


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