What is the future for Canadian football?  

Canadian football has seen a lot of ups and downs for 2021 mainly due to the pandemic, and that has taken a hit among many fans all over the world who are keen to watch their games. This just puts a dent in the future of Canadian football as it continues to deal with the big problems.

While there is no assurance that the games will return as soon as it can, the stoppage of games has led to a struggle for teams to come up with a way to solve the lack of games and the loss of budget in the long run. It will take some time for the sport to recover, but that does not mean that its future is bleak.

Most sports have found a way to thrive over the years, but with a small market, that is not easy for Canadian football and even other esports games.

Canadian football’s long history makes it even better

Canadian football works just like American football, and it is the market that only keeps it far from one another. The NFL has become one of North America’s biggest sporting leagues and when its reach moved to the rest of the world, it was quick to become a hit among many fans.

Rugby football in Canada can be traced back all the way to the early 1860s. Over time, the game known later as Canadian football rose to prominence. Both the Canadian Football League and Football Canada trace their roots all the way to the Canadian Rugby Football Union back in 1880.

Both CFL and FC are seen as the governing body for amateur football and the top pro league in the nation. This is the same as the NFL in the United States. Canadian football is also played at many educational levels.

The Canadian Junior Football League (formed back in May 1974) and Quebec Junior Football League are the two main leagues for players at the age of 18 to 22. Many other schools have also played in the U Sports Football for the Vanier Cup.

Senior leagues such as the Alberta Football League have grown over the years. That led to the great achievements of the sport that was then known as the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton, Ontario.

The CFL is the most popular and only major pro league for the sport. The championship game, known as the Grey Cup, is seen as Canada’s largest sporting event. It even attracted a broad audience in television with 2009 scoring 40% of their viewers from Canada’s population.

Learning from the rich history of Canadian football

The only big takeaway from Canadian football’s history is all about grit. The sport has seen a lot of triumphs and downfalls, and now we’re in the present era where our world is in the middle of a pandemic. This part of Canadian football will be a part of its continuing history, along with the struggles of the players who can’t go to play in the fields for now.

The small market for Canadian football is hard to deal with. A small market means smaller reach and that makes it hard for the sport to gain sponsors and accumulate budgets per team. That means they need to earn more investors as well, which are very hard to find.

It is not much of a hard game that every fan would have to pay attention to details. Since it works the same way as American football, there is no doubt that it can come back as one of the biggest sports that people can always enjoy when it comes to the intensity of the games.

With that said, it can even use the strategy that small-market esports games have used to thrive as well. The likes of CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and many other games have all started small and it took some time for them to rise to the top.

There is not much to worry about Canadian football’s future. It is still a league to hope for, and everyone knows that the sport is celebrated in the same way that any other popular league is.

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