WHERE ARE THEY NOW: “Quite the rollercoaster ride” says CFC100 Arran Macrae

(photo courtesy of #58 Arran MacRae FB)

2014 was the first year that canadafootballchat.com (CFC) put out a top prospects list; the CFC100.

With this upcoming year, many of these players are entering their fourth year of their collegial football career. We thought it would be fun to see where these players are at now and get some insight as to how their football experience has been to date, what kind of advice they would give to incoming recruits, and give them a chance to acknowledge any coaches or support people that have helped them along the way.

Quite the rollercoaster ride, to say the least,” says Arran MacRae. As an offensive lineman with the Guelph Gryphons, the 6’5, 295-pound lineman earned his championship ring for the Yates Cup. 

It wasn’t and hasn’t been easy for MacRae who dressed and played in a few games his first two years, but didn’t earn a starting role at offensive tackle until his third year where he started almost every game. However, a career ending injury has forced MacRae to hang up the cleats.

Like most athletes, my journey was not an easy one, but the lessons you learn from your teammates, coaches, supporters, opponents, and struggles prepare you for the next steps in life,” he explains. 

(photo courtesy of #58 Arran MacRae FB)

MacRae, a Human Kinetics major, does offer some advice for recruits entering their senior year of high school football.

There are always a million things to consider when making such a big decision, but I’ve always told recruits to choose a school that they would want to attend whether they were playing football or not; once the stress of the football factor is removed, you can focus on the most important things being the kind of education you want to receive and simply feeling comfortable in a place you’ll be staying for the next 4-5 years.”

He goes on to stress not to prioritize things in your life other than football. “With all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the lifestyle of being a university football player, we often forget that it is just a game that will eventually end for you at some point,” he points out. “When it does, you need to be prepared to fill the physical, emotional, and mental outlet that comes with life after the game.”

Having to deal with ending a sport that you have, no doubt, put endless hours of prep, training, and practice into for many years and then to have it end suddenly can only be made easier with the support of all those who have helped and supported you along the way.

For MacRae, he states that his family and friends have always been his biggest supporters. They made “incredible” sacrifices to help him make his dreams a reality.

In particular, my parents Craig and Lynda deserve a special shout out: whether it was 5am hockey practices multiple times a week for a 8 year old kid, or driving down to Connecticut for home games, they’ve done nothing but support me anyway possible and I truly couldn’t ask for better parents.”

While MacRae would love to “thank” everyone who has been an influence in his life, he says,

“Unfortunately I don’t have time to thank every single person, but I would like to thank the football coaching staff, my teammates, and many other staff members at the University of Guelph for making my experience an amazing one and I’m looking forward to giving back. There have also been a number of coaches, staff members, and teachers at Frontenac SS and Kent School that deserve to know how thankful I am for their positive influences in my life. Couldn’t of done it without them.”

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