WHERE ARE THEY NOW: CFC100 Bart – Heartache and hardship sometimes leads to the best places

Photo courtesy of Tristan Bart (Credit: Guillaume Mouchet)

2014 was the first year that canadafootballchat.com (CFC) put out a top prospects list; the CFC100.

With this upcoming year, many of these players are entering their fourth year of their collegial football career. We thought it would be fun to see where these players are at now and get some insight as to how their football experience has been to date, what kind of advice they would give to incoming recruits, and give them a chance to acknowledge any coaches or support people that have helped them along the way.

There aren’t too many stories that pull on our heartstrings and show the human spirit to it’s full extent. However, this is one of those that will inspire and motivate and show just what hardship and heartache can do when channeled in the right direction.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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