WHERE ARE THEY NOW: CFC100 Bart – Heartache and hardship sometimes leads to the best places

Photo courtesy of Tristan Bart (Credit: Guillaume Mouchet)

2014 was the first year that canadafootballchat.com (CFC) put out a top prospects list; the CFC100.

With this upcoming year, many of these players are entering their fourth year of their collegial football career. We thought it would be fun to see where these players are at now and get some insight as to how their football experience has been to date, what kind of advice they would give to incoming recruits, and give them a chance to acknowledge any coaches or support people that have helped them along the way.

There aren’t too many stories that pull on our heartstrings and show the human spirit to it’s full extent. However, this is one of those that will inspire and motivate and show just what hardship and heartache can do when channeled in the right direction.

After CFC ranked the 6’2, 255-pound linebacker out of France, Tristan Bart hasn’t had a conventional path. He committed to the Montreal Carabins, but due to a family issue, he had to return to Saint Sylvestre-sur Lot, France. His Mother had just been diagnosed with Cancer.

I came back to take care of her as she raised me alone after my dad had passed away when I was very young,” he explained. “Thus after my return to France, I enrolled with the Nimes Centurions in Division 2 of the French league and I started my studies in Kinesiology in Montpellier.”

Once there, Bart was named the Defensive MVP in Division 2 and finished with the most solo tackles in the league. He went on to be selected to be a part of Team France senior and made their 500 club which is determined by the team’s scoring system during testing.

Today, I am still enrolled in school in Montpellier, but I now have a contract with the Thonon-Les-Bains Black Panthers in Division 1 of the French League,” he says. “We have just won the EFL (European Football League) championship, 29-20 against the Rhinos Milano, and on June 10th, and I was named DMVP for the game. It is a great satisfaction for us and it was probably on the greatest games I was a part of in my career.”

Photo courtesy of Tristan Bart (Credit: JyHell)

The team is in position to win the French league championship as they play in the semi-finals next weekend.

I really hope to be able to win both titles,” he comments. “The French championship will be held on the 24 of June.” He goes on to say that every time he has been healthy, he has started. He works hard on and off the field to make sure that he can be productive and play his best.

French D1 is a very competitive football league and every week is a challenge for us, any given game things can go either way so we need to be well prepared,” he says. 

As if that weren’t enough, Bart has also just been selected to represent France in the Football World Games in Wroclaw, Poland in July.

“It will be a great experience, Germany, Poland, USA and France are all part of the competition. It is a big event similar to the Olympic games.”

Photo courtesy of Tristan Bart (Credit: JyHell)

Bart’s football experience has been a headliner for sure. He says that if he was to impart any form of advice to seniors going into their last high school season, it would be this;

Make sure you live your dreams and you believe in yourself. The only limits that we have are the ones we give ourselves,” he says. “No matter the choice, you need to fight to earn the coaches confidence and your spot on the field. Follow your dreams and aim for the highest levels, whatever the price is, that way you are sure not to regret anything later.”

He says that all the people that have supported and believed in him – his family, friends, coaches and teammates – deserve many thanks as it has allowed him to perform and play the game that has been a lifeline for him. He says it is because of them that he is the player he is today.

Because we cannot capture the full essence of his closing remarks, in his own words, Bart leaves us with this.

My mom passed away last year, I do not have any parents left. Football has allowed me to keep on going because it taught me that life goes on even in hardships, it makes me stronger every day and I hope I make my parents proud. I do not want to have any regrets so I push back my limits. Life is too fragile to waste time so we should live our dreams and life passionately.”

“Thank you CFC for my nomination, it still is a great memory and gives me a lot of pride.”

Photo courtesy of Tristan Bart (Credit: Guillaume Mouchet)

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