Why is College Football So Popular in Canada?

Collegians, as a part of the culture and for the stress relief, play different sports. Universities let student-athletes join teams to gain recognition somehow and prestige upon victory. Among the most popular ones with a devoted fan base are basketball, wrestling, and soccer. Likewise, in having many followers, there is Canadian college football.

The popularity of Canadian football is often investigated in students’ academic writing due to the relevance of the topic and learners’ interest in it. Some college students decide to research the issue on their own. Others resort to composing articles through a custom essay writing service at EduBirdie. That’s because writers in Canada know that local football isn’t an ordinary thing. They give value to the sport and thus write news and other related stuff about it with care.

The athletics has great support due to its history, rules, and play styles. Families gather to watch the Grey Cup and other events by the Canadian Football League. Much like its American counterpart, publishing and broadcasting companies discuss it. On why it has gained popularity and continues receiving support, here are some interesting facts about college football in Canada.

Players Are Passionate

Semi-professional players of unique teams battle it out to have the supremacy. Each is after getting more scores and, without a doubt, to make some cash in the process. But, after witnessing a few games, a person would realize the true commitment of the athletes. One would discern that those in the field perform well not only for the money but also to please their supporters.

For the most part, the playing field in Canada is larger than the kind the Americans use. This means that those playing have to take longer sprints and throw a strong pass to win. Offensive and defensive lines face more danger when confronting players. That’s in considering the dimensions of the play area, number of players, and the tackling.

Both challengers and defenders in CFL games don’t only do their obligations. On TV and other media, the athletes stated that they also care about what their fans demand. So they engage in the athletics to make an effort to come out victorious and entertain at the same time. They amuse spectators by performing difficult feats and having physical resilience.

Canadian high school football players practice hard before competing in and beyond college. So game spectators can expect to see motivated competitors during the events. None can deny the participants’ love for the sport.

There are Many Who Attend

Being involved in football has somewhat become a part of a tradition to a lot of people in Canada. Aspiring high school fans and supportive college students go to venues. They even put on t-shirts with designs or specific team jerseys for cheering.

For decades already, the CFL managed to encourage people to attend the game. Likewise, the fans introduced and hooked newcomers in the sport too. If an individual searches for the league attendance, he’d find out that at least 50,000 spectators show up. Even ticket sellers online and offline can attest to the high demand.

Here is a table with some examples of past events to show the popularity of football in Canada:

Date Game Attendance

October 23, 1976 Edmonton Eskimos vs. Montreal 55,337 at the Olympic Stadium


August 1, 1982 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 32 vs. Edmonton Eskimos 57,596 at the Commonwealth Stadium

November 19, 1995 Baltimore Stallions vs. Calgary Stampeders 52,564 Taylor Field

November 21, 2010 Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes 58,021 at the Olympic Stadium

Looking for the number of audiences for specific teams would produce the same result. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Edmonton Eskimos attract thousands of watchers. Less known groups also fill up stadiums with fans. Even during regular seasons, many are present to witness the matches. So one can only imagine the number of spectators of the playoff games.

The Sport Is In Some Way Brutal

People love watching others feel challenged and have an appreciation for triumphs. In Canadian football, the offense teams have to get a ball to the end zone to score, and that is a very demanding task. The defense side has its own hardships as well. There is suspense when teams struggle to gain points and prevent touchdowns. With that said, it comes as no surprise that football has enduring fans.

The offensive and defensive fight against one another is there too, but fans are also doing the same. In their way, attendees curse each other and compete in shouting as a part of the entire experience. Also, cheers and boos come after players fumble and tackled too.

It’s Different Than American Football

Football in Canada may have similarities with its counterparts throughout the world, but there are differences too. For one, as mentioned by many essay documents, the area where the action happens is a lot bigger. The CFL football field is 150 yards in total, including the goal areas.

Also, in the NFL, only 11 players play. It’s 44 athletes in CFL, divided into 12 players per team for each half of a game. In America, there are only three downs to score with a touchdown. In Canada, however, there are four downs to score by carrying a ball across an opponent’s goal or through a place kick.

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