Why was Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL?

Quarterback Johnny Manziel was one of the undisputed stars of the Canadian Football League. So it was with a huge amount of shock that sports fans read the news that the former Heisman Trophy winner was booted out of the CFL earlier this year.

The Cleveland Browns drafted the 26-year-old star in 2014, and he seemed to be tipped for the top. But in a career plagued by controversy so-called ‘Johnny Football’ has clearly made things difficult for himself. With things coming to a head due to contractual violations, Manziel was kicked out the Montreal Alouettes and faced a less glamorous time in the short-lived AAF.

The Reasons for Manziel’s Hasty Exit

Montreal Alouettes terminated Manziel’s contract as it was deemed that he had contravened an agreement that made him eligible to play CFL football. If you look behind this legal jargon, it is thought that it was the fact that Manziel would repeatedly do things like go to casinos which falls out of line with the football league’s strict regulations.

Canada has always had a tricky relationship with gambling. Current legislation means that Canada’s gamers don’t enjoy the same amount of freedom as many other nations when it comes to casino gaming. While it’s relatively simple for online gamers to enjoy a wide variety of casino sites in Canada, when it comes to physical casinos, it’s a bit more complicated – especially for CFL footballers.

The quarterback had already courted controversy when he was spotted in a Las Vegas casino on the eve of the NFL season. While most people can happily enjoy playing casino games as a way of relaxing, it seems as though Manziel’s problems were more deeply rooted.

Was the CFL too Harsh on Manziel?

A character like Johnny Manziel was well known for his eccentric behaviour long before he came to the CFL. In his eight games for the Montreal Alouettes he managed to throw for over 1,200 yards in just eight games. With five touchdowns to his name, Manziel might have appeared like a good fit for the Alouettes, but in the end it seemed as though the 26-year-old was just too hot to handle.

Manziel’s first few experiences with the Alouettes were largely positive. The star himself said that he was happy with his first taste of Canadian football, and it initially seemed like he had finally found a good home for himself.

But with another year in his contract with Montreal left, it seems that the CFL simply couldn’t deal with Manziel’s antics on and off the field. Whether or not he makes a return to football is anybody’s guess, but if it happens, it won’t be in the CFL.

The Latest Outrageous Football Star to Court Controversy

Football is a sport that seems to attract more than its fair share of colourful characters. While Cam Newton can get away with his outrageous attire, it seems that some football stars are happy to go further than most.

Take the ongoing exploits of Antonio Brown. While he is undoubtedly excellent wide receiver, his eccentric character has seen him jettisoned from numerous NFL teams recently. Brown was kicked out of Oakland Raiders for numerous weird antics that included refusing to wear the regulation helmet and even turning up to practice hours late in a hot air balloon.

Thankfully, the Raiders seem to have overcome these troubles by offloading Brown to the New England Patriots where he was also booted out after just a few weeks. Similarly, the Montreal Alouettes made the CFL Semis and appear to have put their Manziel escapades behind them.

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