Will the CFL ever grow to Ten Teams?

Having a football team in Atlantic Canada has long been discussed by the CFL leaders. Just how long has it been? More than thirty years. Is there a chance that this hope finally materializes? The subject is back on the table, and everyone has their fingers crossed that this just might be the right time for this expansion to happen. Here is more on the subject.


What is the Issue that Always counteracts CFL Plans?

If you want to have a football team, you need a stadium that can hold a minimum of people, in order to be profitable. Right now, such stadiums do not exist in Atlantic provinces and would need to be built for a team to call home. So why aren’t they building one? The reason is simple: Its cost would be prohibitive for a single company. And so, it would require the help of provincial and federal governments. The kind of money that they haven’t been willing to invest. Although sports are perfect for gambling and it is now legal in Canada, public partners are still worried to bet on a new CFL Team in the Atlantic region. But if you are looking for a place for sports bets on Canadian sports, here is a list of the respectable betting sites you can trust analyzed by Sportytrader’s team.


What is the Cost of an Outdoor Football Stadium?

In the previous projects, the idea was to build a stadium in Halifax. The original cost that was suggested was $180CA million. They were able to scale it down all the way to $130CA million. This took place in December 2019. We all know what happened next. The COVID-19 crisis came in and the CFL had to cancel its whole season. It is still important to know that the Halifax Regional Council did pass a motion at the time, agreeing to a conditional $20CA million contribution, even though there was not a location found yet on which to build the stadium.


Why does the CFL think that they might have found the Solution to this problem?

It has been said that negotiations will start again in the Spring, between the CFL and the local government. However, this time, the CFL has a completely different solution when it comes to the construction of a stadium. What they will suggest is that the new team use a temporary-permanent structure, like the one the BC Lions used back in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. They chose that solution in order to renovate the old stadium. This could provide a location with a little less than 30,000 seats and would only cost less than $15CA million to put up.

Why does the CFL insists on adding a New Team?

Including a team from Atlantic provinces would really complete the map of Canada, for the CFL. But the real reason is that it would enable the league to increase the number of games by 25%, which means more revenues; something that they desperately need. In fact, they even looked at the idea of joining with the XFL, a few years back, an idea that ended up going nowhere. Hopefully, the 11th Canadian team will see the light of day in 2023, solving the league’s problems, once and for all.

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