Winnipeg Blue Bombers missing key players for the season start

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The Canadian Football League (CFL) 2021 season starts this week but the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WPG) will play the opening matches without some key players. It is common for athletes to be injured and out of the team in the meantime.

That is exactly the case for the team. However, reporting six members as injured, including three ace athletes, is bound to affect the team’s performance in a series. Here is the final injury report from the Blue Bombers and how each player reached their unfortunate state.

ArDarius Stewart

Starting off the list with a light note, ArDarius Stewart is a new face for the WPG but he has to sit one game out due to a foot injury. His case has only placed him on a week-per-week case rather than the 6-week list. This loss can still affect the CFL odds for sports and esports betting sites. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the transfer in action so stay tuned.

Kyrie Wilson

Key player Kyrie Wilson suffered a leg injury while in practice. He was on the finalized roster a week ago as part of the main defences but the Bombers had to submit a new report a couple of days before the match. In this version, Wilson is expected to sit the playoffs out. It’s an unfortunate turn of events given that he is one of the most effective linebackers in the league.

Kelvin McKnight

Joining Stewart is Kelvin McKnight who is one of the most promising new additions to the team. He impressed quarterbacks and coaching staff despite his small stature but he had to skip the game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. McKnight is a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic and is put in quarantine for the time being. He can join the practice as soon as it is over.

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris is one of the three key players with Kyrie Wilson who must also skip the game with Tiger-Cats. The 34-year-old running back left practice to get himself checked and skipped the fourth day of camp altogether. The team manager, Mike O’Shea, stated that he wishes to let Harris rest for two weeks and the team will be playing with the younger players on the roster.

Alden Darby

Alden Darby was traded in to fill in for Mercy Maston after a severe injury in his Achilles’ tendon but he is also slowed by an injury himself. It’s a trivial matter, however, so he can play in early events for this season. However, he can only fill in for a backup start at best.

Darvin Adams

Darvin Adams is the third of the aforementioned key players who has to skip the season opener due to an injury on his shoulders. The injury was sustained on 20 July when he fell trying to perform a catch. His case may be the most influential to WPG’s odds in sports and esports betting sites so viewers are tuned to his quick recovery.

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