WOLFE: Can The Defenses Catch Up?

Can The Defenses Catch Up? 

 As the 2020 football season winds down, some final thoughts are warranted – 

  1. Very sad that Canadians played so little football – no U Sports – no CFL – very little high school ball & very little community ball. Cancelling football deprived so many of a most valuable opportunity. 
  2. Congrats to the NFL for having played their entire regular season and playoff rounds with no games cancelled. Games had to be shuffled around, some games played with depleted rosters and coaches missing, but they were all contested – with the crowning of a Super Bowl Champion is yet to come.  
  3. NCAA football was a mixed bag – some schools/conferences decided not to play – some school/conferences played abbreviated schedules – many games cancelled. Nevertheless, a National Champion was crowned, and countless players had a football season. 
  4. US high school football made similar decisions, and their results were identical to those of the NCAA.   
  5. With points 2, 3 & 4 in mind, why was there so little Canadian football played?  

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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